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Bungie Foundation’s Game2Give Fundraiser Raises Over $1.6 Million for Extra Life

We are blown away by the amazing fundraising efforts that the Bungie Foundation engaged in for Extra Life this fall. Unifying the passionate fans of Destiny 2, the Bungie community raised $1,673,857.62 USD #ForTheKids!

Over 40,000 donors from 104 countries rallied to give generously to 5,500+ Guardians who committed to take their passion for playing games and use it to help heal kids.

This year’s Game2Give event was established to invite the Destiny community to rise up as Guardians for kids treated at children’s hospitals across North America. Guardians chose to support the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital that they felt the most connect to. They also were able to support the Bungie Foundation’s iPads for Kids initiative, which works with Child’s Play Charity to bring iPads (loaded up with age-appropriate entertainment) to patients treated in children’s hospitals. Along the way, Guardians could unlock exclusive prizes, including the brand-new Mist Blossoms Emblem and Gilded Shell Exotic Ghost through their livestream fundraising efforts.

Galvanized Influencers

One incredible element of Bungie’s efforts was how they unified huge group of influencers together to stream for their campaign between Oct 29 – Nov 10, 2019. With 35 massive influencers building upon each other’s momentum, the fundraising energy just kept growing! We wanted to take a moment to celebrate five influencers who each raised over $10,000 through their campaign:

Jez raised $18,328 in support of Children’s Miracle Network.

Datto raised $18,327 in support of Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Professor Broman raised $16,000 in support of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Florida.

Laced Up Lauren + TCKT raised $15,827 in support of Sacred Heart Providence Hospital in Spokane.

Destiny Community Podcast (DCP) + WTFgameathon raised $12,453 in support of Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Amazing Donor Incentives

Limited edition incentives are always powerful tools that can be used to encourage people to give. Bungie offered exciting incentives and people were eager to donate to unlock these prizes. Donors earned nearly 40,000 Gilded Shell Exotic Ghost prizes and over 57,000 Mist Blossom Emblems. Those who qualified for additional prizes / experiences will be notified by the week of the Nov 18.

Thank you Bungie and everyone who worked so hard to raise over $1.6 million USD! You are amazing!

It’s never too late to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games! Donations for 2019 are accepted year-round!