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Give twice as much for half the price with Matching Gifts

It’s never too late to double your impact for Extra Life! Many employers across North America actually will match the charitable contributions of their workforce. However, only 9% of employees take advantage of the opportunity to have their donations matched by their employers. Be a 9 percenter and make your Extra Life donation go even further! Check out this one-pager that explains matching gifts for Extra Life.

It Costs You Nothing

Submitting a matching gift request won’t cost you a dime. Your employer foots the bill, so you’re essentially increasing your giving at zero extra cost to yourself. Imagine the collective power of employees in your company coming together to support Extra Life. You’re building something larger than yourself, making a collective impact that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Ask for More than a Match

Sometimes, employers may offer to give more than just a match, so make sure you ask about a sponsorship, too! If you’re a fundraiser, be sure to ask each of your donors to submit their donations to their respective employers, and then you can submit for the donations that you made to your own campaign.

When you submit a matching gift request, your employer will contribute an additional sum toward your Extra Life fundraising goal. This essentially doubles the impact of your initial donation.

Many Companies Budget For This

Many employers are eager to support the charitable efforts of their staff. By submitting a matching gift request, you’re ensuring that your company follows through on its promise to match your contributions. It’s a way to hold your company accountable for its philanthropic initiatives.

In fact, many of our company teams in Extra Life started because an employee requested a matching gift.

It’s Easy to Do

The process of submitting a matching gift request is often simpler than you might think. Employers usually have user-friendly online platforms for this purpose. Just make sure that you search for “Extra Life” or “Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals” when identifying the charity that you are supporting.

Not sure if your employer offers this benefit? Talk to your HR Department. Last we checked, over 20,000 employers in the USA and Canada offer this philanthropic perk!

Each company that offers matching gifts may follow a specific process, so make sure you understand how you to submit to be sure that your donation match request is approved by your employer. You may be asked to provide the tax-id number (EIN or charitable business number) for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals:

  • USA 87-0387205
  • Canada Provide your hospital foundation number and add a note that says “Extra Life”
    • Alberta Children’s Hospital 130373244RR0001
    • BC Children’s Hospital 118852433RR0001
    • CHEO 118852474RR0001
    • Children’s Health Foundation 118852482RR0001
    • Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba 118852490RR0001
    • IWK 867558090RR0001
    • Janeway Children’s Hospital 119239127RR0001
    • Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital  135309342RR0001
    • McMaster Children’s Hospital 131159543RR0001
    • Operation Enfant Soleil 27186690RR0001
    • SickKids 108084419RR0001
    • Stollery Children’s Hospital 122073158RR0001

This one simple conversation can make a world of difference for the kids treated at your local member hospitals.

It’s never too late to sign up for Extra Life to help kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games! Donations are accepted year-round!