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Celebrating the Amazing Work of the London Ontario Guild

Last January, we announced the winners of Extra Life’s Guild Achievement Awards, in celebration of our most loyal and dedicated volunteers across North America.

Canada’s London Guild works tirelessly to support Children’s Health Foundation and was honored with the award for “Best Community Engagement.” We were able to present their award in person this at their annual Open House. The event was held at Children’s Health Foundation in London, Ontario, and featured community building time to play both video and table-top games alike. Their well-earned trophy was able to be handed over to the Guild by Extra Life staffer, Jess Bradshaw.

The Guild’s community engagement efforts work so well because they’ve created a strategic and continuous cycle for their community events, consistently bring more and more gamers into the Extra Life family. Additionally, they have forged a new strategy to bring local brands and partners into their open house events, a concept that has never before been tested within the Guild community. They are building bonds with local brands as well, including Ctrl V, London Comic Con, Forest City Comic Con, Smart Astors Trivia, The Next Level, Northern Commerce, Table Quest and Canada Computers & Electronics. By uniting fans, brands and the local hospital, this Guild proves that there’s strength in numbers. Congrats to everyone in the London Guild!