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Children’s Hospitals Week Day 2: Extra Life United Online

Extra Life United is a time for gamers to come together and raise money for children’s hospitals throughout the country. Although we all may be feeling a little “stuck” at home, participating in Extra Life United (April 7 – 9) is a free, and safe to raise money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital!

Last week FaZe Adapt announced that he would be live-streaming tomorrow, Wednesday, April 8, to support Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We are so excited to have such a talented and well-known gamer chose to fundraise for our patients. Read more about that here.

  • Are you already a gamer? Great! You know the drill
  • Are you in quarantine with your family? Pull out one of the board games that is collecting dust in the back of your closet. Or get outside and practice some social distancing with a game of whiffle ball or kickball!
  • Are you in self-quarantine with your pet? Organize a virtual hangout with your friends and pick your favorite game to all play

Doing our part to give back and make a difference during this uncertain time is important. Help whoever you can, however you are able.

Sign up to support Phoenix Children’s Hospital via Extra Life United here. Game on!