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E3 Attendee Wins a One-Of-A-Kind Xbox in the Extra Life Human Claw Machine

E3 is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to debuting new technology, so this year we wanted everyone to be talking about Extra Life’s innovation. For the first time ever, E3 featured a massive Human Claw Machine, all custom branded to tell the story of Extra Life’s amazing work. We were thrilled to partner with GameStop Gives to leave a lasting impression on the nearly 70,000 attendees at E3.

Over three days, thousands of people lined up for hours for their chance to be lowered into a huge pit of prizes and walk home with a special memento. While all the prizes were awesome, there was one ultimate prize that everyone wanted – A custom Xbox One wrapped in a Philadelphia 76er’s skin, paired with a 76er’s jersey and in a pelican case signed by FaZe Clan and Trey Smith.

Trey personally came by the Human Claw Machine to meet the Xbox winner. Staci from the Extra Life team announced to the large crowd, many who had waited up to two hours for their turn on the claw, that she held the special prize box in her hands. She then dramatically tossed it into the pit filled with hundreds of other identical boxes. The crowd went wild, each speculating on where they thought it landed.

A few people harnessed in for their turn, eager to try to find the Xbox special prize box, but they were unable to do so. Then, it was Ron Lyons’ turn. Ron traveled out to E3 from Detroit and is in a wheelchair. The crowd cheered him on. As he reached for a few various boxes, people began yelling “no, no, go left! Yes! That’s the one!” Ron was lifted up with his mystery box and many thought he might have found the right box, but no one knew for sure until the moment of truth.

Ron opened the box and he pulled out the special Xbox certificate! Everyone exploded in cheers and Trey eagerly ran to great Ron. Both men beamed with pride. Thanks to the Human Claw Machine, not only did Ron win a once-in-a-lifetime prize, but due to millions of online impressions, countless more people have now learned the story of Extra Life’s life-saving work.