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Earn the Extra Life Neon Light by Raising $2,500 USD in 2021

Incentives have been a time-honored tradition of Extra Life for many years now. Many people recognize the signature medals and iconic shirts offered as fundraising incentives for participants. Register for Extra Life to Change Kids’ Health and Change the Future!

This year, we’ve expanded the selection of incentive offers from Extra Life even more and we are happy to announce the newest addition! Extra Lifers who have upgraded to Platinum can unlock our Extra Life neon light by raising $2,500 USD in 2021. Register for Extra Life here.

The Extra Life neon light joins the likes of the other 2021 Extra Life incentives. Redemptions will function like all other Extra life incentives — when you hit the $2,500 USD threshold for funds raised in 2021 you will receive an email to redeem to the email address used for your participant page. Once you’ve redeemed, your neon light will begin to start shipping out in December (as long as we don’t experience COVID-19 related shipping delays). Visit our FAQ for more info.

In addition to this limited-time incentive, Extra Lifers can upgrade to the platinum membership where raising money for Extra Life nets these exclusive incentives. Once someone has become a platinum member, raising $75 USD nets them an Extra Life decal sticker and $200 USD unlocks the latest shirt design. Above that, the silver and gold medals, symbols of charitable accomplishment, become available once someone raises $500 USD and $1,000 USD, respectively. Register for Extra Life to unlock ’em all:

LIGHT up your gaming space and change kids’ health to change the future! Register here and check out some of these helpful resources to get you started:

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to Change Kids’ Health and Change the Future for kids treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.