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Esports Legends from FaZe Clan Stream for Extra Life

FaZe Clan made a name for itself as an esports organization by taking 22 championship titles since its founding almost a decade ago. We were beyond thrilled to see two members of the team dedicate their time and energy to fundraising for Extra Life to help Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona. FaZe Adapt and FaZe Swagg both dedicated streams to support Extra Life United: Online Edition where they raised money for coronavirus relief for Phoenix Children’s.

FaZe Adapt serves as the director of FaZe Clan and has been a member of FaZe Clan since signing in 2013. Continuing a trend of incorporating charity gaming into the operations of the organization, FaZe Adapt committed to streaming during Extra Life United. Bringing that kind of energy to Extra Life makes all of us incredibly excited!

FaZe Swagg joined the organization less than two weeks ago on April 4th as one of the team’s newest members. He not only added his gaming and entertaining skills to FaZe Clan, he used his newfound position to stream for good through Extra Life. We are always blown away when someone uses a new platform afforded to them to raise money for sick and injured kids in their communities. FaZe Swagg went above and beyond; and we want to honor that.

The efforts of both FaZe Adapt and FaZe Swagg raised thousands of dollars for Extra Life United: Online Edition. Their decision to highlight Extra Life with their streams even caught the attention of mainstream news outlets. PBS Arizona even ran a story about the two esports players and their charitable work. FaZe Adapt gave a statement to the outlet saying, “Me and my entire family have been [to Phoenix Children’s Hospital] numerous times throughout our lives. I thought it was something I can do for Phoenix, especially for charity and everything going on right now because of the pandemic.”

We want to thank FaZe Adapt and FaZe Swagg for their incredible work helping children in dire need of help, especially given the onset of COVID-19. Seeing prominent members of the esports community step up to fundraise gives us hope. We also want to shout out FaZe Adapt for his large personal donations thanks to the personal milestones he set for himself during his stream.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!