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Extra Life Community Standards

Extra Life is unlike any other community in the world, our culture of kindness is unmatched. We hold our community to strict conduct guidelines in honor of the families and hospitals we serve. We want Extra Life to be a safe and fun place for everyone to gather while fundraising, competing or hanging out together. We’re all here to have fun, support kids, and enjoy playing great games!

Our community rules apply to all persons participating in Extra Life. These standards are a guide on how you should interact inside the Extra Life ecosystem:

Community Rules

  • Bullying and Harassment: We have a zero-tolerance policy against harassment. We’re all here to have fun and support kids; tournament results come second to that. Let’s keep it friendly!
  • Respect Others ​when chatting, playing or competing. Communicating or behaving in a way that is in any way threatening, lewd, intimidating, derogatory, invasive of privacy, predatory, demeaning or abusive is against the rules. Negatively responding to rulings, admins or Extra Life staff will also be taken seriously. Trying to make someone else feel worse so that you feel better doesn’t work; it’s much easier, and more fun, to enjoy the experience together.
  • Cheating and Trolling: Play fairly and within the rules of the game. Don’t cheat, grief, team, or exploit bugs/glitches. Winning handily in a match? Don’t troll around and make other participants feel bad through excessive taunts, language or abusive behaviors.
  • Intolerance: We’re proud of our diversity. Don’t demean, marginalize, or belittle other users or groups.


There’s an absolute zero tolerance policy for any kind of violation, and if found breaking any of these rules you will be removed from the Discord without hesitation.

See something? Say something

We’re all a part of this community, and it is up to us to keep it friendly, fun and free of negativity!

If you encounter a player not respecting the community rules, you can report them by  contacting an admin or Extra Life staff. We will take action to ensure our community remains safe and respectful if we feel our standards have been violated. Thank you for being a part of the Extra Life community and doing your part to maintain a fun and safe space for everyone.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!