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Extra Life Dayton: Children are the Winners of #GameDay 2020

In a year when many have sacrificed so much, the gaming community in the Dayton region has stepped up in a huge way.

This year, 131 individuals have signed up to “Play Games. Heal Kids.” By fundraising for Extra Life, with Dayton Children’s as the benefiting CMN Hospital. Extra Life is a year-round fundraiser in which participants ask for donations from friends, family and community members. We also have several who host auctions and other gaming events to raise funds. It hasn’t been as easy to host events this year, of course, though we are blown away by the creativity for some of the online events going on, like virtual auctions.

A few weeks ago, some of the participants committed to playing games to bring awareness to their fundraising and the hospital. In one day, this community raised over $5,000. This brought the total raised for the year at that point to over $15,000.

This money is used for life-saving equipment and technology at the hospital. It is more important than ever to ensure our patients receive the care they deserve.

Game Day may be over, but fundraising doesn’t have to end. Thanks to all of the participants for your innovation and motivation this strange year. You could have said “Game Over” or “Pause” until next year, but instead, you continued playing for our kids and we just can’t say, “Thank you” enough!

Interested in learning more about Extra Life Dayton or signing up? Please visit: or like our Facebook page


Some national stats on fundraising for Extra Life.