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Extra Life United Final Tournament Standings 2022

Congrats and THANK YOU to all our amazing Extra Lifers who competed and participated in Extra Life United 2022. As we wrap up another amazing event, we want to share our sincere thanks for making this year another one for the books!

Extra Lifers both in-person and virtual spent their time competing in tournament games, building incredible Minecraft worlds, and competing in our creative Reddit competitions. Most importantly, we spent time together connecting both in-person and online to remember our mission: to change kids’ health to change the future.

We are stoked to share the winners of our games and creative competitions. The 7th annual Extra Life United tournament featured a $250,000 USD prize pool with winnings going to the winner’s selected member hospital of CMN Hospitals. Note: Prize pool money will not be posted to accounts until later in 2022.

Without further ado, we’re thrilled to announce the official final standings for Halo Infinite, Fall Guys, Pokemon Unite, Magic: The Gathering Arena, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Carcassone, Kingdomino: Duel, Onitama, Settlers of Catan, Skip-Bo and Splendor.

Final Standings

Halo Infinite Virtual

1Techtonic831$4,000.00Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System
2BIackoutTV$2,500.00Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
3RageMonke$1,200.00Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation
4OhNoItsCocoa$1,200.00Dayton Children’s
5HeyTrey$600.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
6lifesucksdropout$600.00UC Davis Children’s Hospital
7ZacAttackLeader$600.00Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
8Lankins21$600.00Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
9Timzy88$325.00University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital
10*fin$325.00KU Medical Center
11Seraphim525$325.00Texas Children’s Hospital
12Pandaman822$325.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
13Accio Beer$325.00Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
14WearyArchon$325.00BC Children’s Hospital
15Subatomics$325.00Children’s Health of Orange County
16Gafiltha$325.00Children’s Hospital Foundation

Halo Infinite virtual standings were updated on April 27, 2022, to correctly state funds for 1st and 2nd place winners and remove the tie.

Halo Infinite In Person

1Loomin$3,250.00East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
1OwningToaster$3,250.00UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital
3TuckxTuck$1,200.00Sanford Children’s
4RedFrog$1,200.00Chilren’s Miracle Network Hospitals
5ThatsHowUFRolls$600.00Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
6GeberWolf$600.00Boston Children’s Hospital
7TwoDeadZombies$600.00Riley Hospital for Children
8Davrim$600.00Nationwide Children’s
9JsseNlsn$325.00BC Children’s Hospital
10Ric601$325.00Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
11ZaBackinBlack$325.00Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
12Drummerdoug45$325.00Nationwide Children’s
13Vtank$325.00Stormont Vail Health
14EyeCarumba$325.00Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
15RODSTAR X$325.00Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
16PIKLE$325.00Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

Fall Guys Virtual

1DeftNinja_PC$4,000.00Connecticut Children’s
2Nester82$2,500.00WVU Medicine Children’s
3Gogglecandy$1,200.00The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital
4trueTIMfoolery$1,200.00Beaumont Children’s
5admas0$600.00Connecticut Children’s
6SillyTopplingGoose$600.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
7PlatV$600.00Children’s Wisconsin
8iDraxis$600.00KU Medical Center
9SilverFlames27$325.00The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba
10ObsidianSkin$325.00Niswonger Children’s Network
11twizlette$325.00UC Davis Children’s Hospital
12zzilmy$325.00Sanford Children’s
13AlexUncrafted$325.00Dayton Children’s
14Unbounded13$325.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
15kurisu007$325.00Boston Children’s Hospital
16ShawnOfTheNorth$325.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

Fall Guys In-Person

1Shoagie$4,000.00Nationwide Children’s
2Distraction$2,500.00MVHS Foundation
3Wretch$1,200.00Medical Center Health System Foundation
4TubaTaylor$1,200.00Kentucky Children’s Hospital
5bearofflame$600.00Cincinnati Children’s
6Smashlie$600.00Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital
7ndtex$600.00Children’s Hospital Foundation
8Loomin$600.00East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
9Buser$325.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
10drummerdoug$325.00Nationwide Children’s
11haxthias$325.00MVHS Foundation
12Colonel Steev$325.00Kentucky Children’s Hospital
13TwoDeadZombies$325.00Riley Hospital for Children
14JohnnieBLUE#0506$325.00Stormont Vail Health
15doughboyee$325.00Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
16OzzieMejia$325.00Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Fall Guys in-person standings were updated on April 27, 2022, to correctly add in #9 Buser to the list.

Pokemon Unite Virtual

1Mystic$800.00UF Health Jacksonville/Wolfson Children’s Hospital
PUGQ$800.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
SecurityL_$800.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Avocadomar$800.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
PuffStarBTTV$800.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
2Riverraccoon07$500.00SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital
Mikomi$500.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
KC$500.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Doey Joey$500.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
_PapaPython_$500.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
3Kingdra$240.00Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center
trueTIMfoolery$240.00Beaumont Children’s
Loopy$240.00Seattle Children’s Hospital
Pomotomus$240.00Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital
BeanSprout$240.00Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center
4iDraxis$240.00KU Medical Center
SwiftWing200$240.00Children’s National Hospital
*fin$240.00KU Medical Center
Th3irdEye$240.00KU Medical Center
Journot$240.00KU Medical Center
5RayIII$120.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
CrownEss0$120.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
MrBunny$120.00Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation
LeeTsa$120.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
fysloc$120.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
6Jimmy004$120.00SickKids Foundation
ProPokeNoob$120.00SickKids Foundation
descrier$120.00SickKids Foundation
Broken_but_alive$120.00Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
AmaGamma$120.00Children’s Hospital of Philidephia
7JujYFru1T$120.00Boston Children’s Hospital
Grossanator9$120.00Seattle Children’s
Valkerlan$120.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Jaxident$120.00St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Cfoot187$120.00University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital
8korndawg913$120.00Nebraska Children’s Hospital and Medical Center
TheWigster07$120.00Nebraska Children’s Hospital and Medical Center
MrADHDgames$120.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
DrDane$120.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
RandomTuna$120.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
9D boy neon$65.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
AerieeBee$65.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
Phailez$65.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
Mistress Al$65.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
Adonyyyy$65.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
10DeftNinja$65.00Connecticut Children’s
Soft Token$65.00Connecticut Children’s
Poseidon$65.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Sweetdeal$65.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Dramatics$65.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
11HeyTrey$65.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
ForAllManakind$65.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
REmaster1989$65.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Wyldman92$65.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
iLeoChain$65.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
12ShoTheLeader$65.00Boston’s Children Hospital
minimushi$65.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
alanTad$65.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Nepachu$65.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Scramaram$65.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
13halfchickenhalfsteak$65.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
Pandaman822$65.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
Dxulovesyou$65.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
Hyzenthleia$65.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
DBY106698$65.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Pokemon Unite In-Person

1Shoagie$800.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
smokinace007$800.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
CBUS | Obiwan362$800.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
CBUS | Drummerdoug45$800.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Davrim$800.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
2OwningToaster$500.00UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital
Loomin$500.00East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
Hansard$500.00Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation
LonestarF1$500.00Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
LordTonto$500.00Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
3PIKLE$240.00Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital
Hangmansgirl$240.00Ann & Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital
doughboyee$240.00Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
BerserkingIrish$240.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
Smashlie$240.00Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital
4ThatsHowUFRolls$240.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
Ric601$240.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
MerchGuySteve$240.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
ReneCast$240.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
ZaBackinBlack$240.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
5JsseNlsn$120.00BC Children’s Hospital
pwolter0$120.00UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
Yellowtimer$120.00UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
James Ironbeard$120.00UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
BustermanZero$120.00BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
6haxthias$120.00Mohawk Valley Health System
steev$120.00Kentucky Chidren’s Hospital
TubaTaylor$120.00Kentucky Chidren’s Hospital
Distraction$120.00Mohawk Valley Health System
aerodash84$120.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital

Magic: The Gathering Arena Virtual

1ClumsyG$4,000.00Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System
3Ackir$1,200.00Tuscon Medical Center for Children
4GoblinCredible$1,200.00McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation
5fireshoes$600.00University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital
6Turtle Box$600.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
7Newage$600.00Kentucky Children’s Hospital
8bobsonofbob$600.00Stormont Vail Health
9halfchickenhalfsteak$325.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
10Shadow_wraith90$325.00Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation
11Jonathen Smith$325.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
12Mancer C$325.00SickKids
13Tyvarius37$325.00Sanford Children’s Hospital
14ELNBunny$325.00Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation
15Rollacritz$325.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
16zzilmy$325.00Sanford Children’s Hospital

Magic: The Gathering Arena In-Person

1Shoagie$4,000.00Nationwide Children’s
2TubaTaylor$2,500.00Kentucky Children’s Hospital
3OwningToaster$1,200.00UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital
4Reddjoey$1,200.00UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital
5Drummerdoug45$600.00Nationwide Children’s
6asiansteev$600.00Kentucky Children’s Hospital
7Loomin$600.00East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
8obiwan362$600.00Nationwide Children’s
9haxthias$325.00MVHS Foundation
10BeskarSnake$325.00Nationwide Children’s
11buser$325.00Nationwide Children’s
12morgan_freedman$325.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
13Davrim$325.00Nationwide Children’s
14LonestarF1$325.00Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Virtual

1UrAllFams$4,000.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
2Bundertw$2,500.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
3Hare Blix$1,200.00Children’s Health Foundation
4Sway$1,200.00McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation
5RayIII$600.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
6OrangeLion$600.00Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital
7D boy neon$600.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
8DeftNinja$600.00Connecticut Children’s
9PlatV$325.00Chilren’s Wisconsin
10kurisu007$325.00Boston Children’s Hospital
11WearyArchon$325.00BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
12Radiohacktive$325.00Boston Children’s Hospital
13Phailez$325.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
14ShawnOfTheNorth$325.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
15Angemaler$325.00Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital
16WLinden$325.00Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe In-Person

1NoMoarWishz$4,000.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
2WalkerPipeguy$2,500.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
3OwningToaster$1,200.00UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital
4Smirky$1,200.00Children’s Health
5Loomin$600.00East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
6ForceInept$600.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
7Drummerdoug45$600.00Nationwide Children’s
8Vtank$600.00Stormont Vail Health
9SngleSrvngFriend$325.00Children’s Specialized Hospital
10Wretch Plays$325.00Medical Center Health System Foundation
11JsseNlsn$325.00BC Children’s Hospital
12Obiwan362$325.00Nationwide Children’s
13bmoch1995$325.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
14EyeCarumba$325.00Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
15Smashlie$325.00Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital
16jcrafty$325.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals


1GomerStraw$4,000.00Alberta Children’s Hospital
2pandaman822$2,500.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
3boohunter1114$1,200.00WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital
4halfchickenhalfsteak$1,200.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
5dxulovesyou$600.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
6Ackir$600.00Tucson Medical Center Children’s Hospital
7bumpusth$600.00MVHS Foundation
8Travelsized$600.00UVA Children’s Hospital
9Shootysticks$325.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
10quillpig$325.00Children’s Wisconsin
11MeepleGrande$325.00Prisma Health Children’s Hospital
12MedievalMelody$325.00KU Medical Center

Kingdomino: Duel

1Cake🎂®$4,000.00UC Davis Children’s Hospital
2halfchickenhalfsteak$2,500.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
3Travelsized$1,200.00UVA Children’s Hospital
4pandaman822$1,200.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
5MedievalMelody$600.00KU Medical Center
6dxulovesyou$600.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
7quillpig$600.00Children’s Wisconsin
8Hyzenthleia$600.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
9chris$325.00UC Davis Children’s Hospital
10SparklyGamerGurl$325.00UC Davis Children’s Hospital
11That’s So Meana$325.00UC Davis Children’s Hospital
12Shootysticks$325.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
13boohunter1114$325.00WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital
14MeepleGrande$325.00Prisma Health Children’s Hospital
15bumpusth$325.00MVHS Foundation


1kefrith$4,000.00UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
2Hyzenthleia$2,500.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
3pandaman822$1,200.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
4boohunter1114$1,200.00WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital
5halfchickenhalfsteak$600.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
6dxulovesyou$600.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
7chris$600.00UC Davis Children’s Hospital
8aw-discord$600.00Connecticut Children’s
9MedievalMelody$325.00KU Medical Center
10Shootysticks$325.00Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
11Travelsized$325.00UVA Children’s Hospital
12bumpusth$325.00MVHS Foundation
13Cake🎂®$325.00UC Davis Children’s Hospital
14quillpig$325.00Children’s Wisconsin


1ErrorCode43$4,000.00BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
2Obiwan362$2,500.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
3OwningToaster$1,200.00UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital
4YXX_RoboKiller$1,200.00UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital
5Mareon$600.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
6SpitfireDSO$600.00UF Health Jacksonville/Wolfson Children’s Hospital
7BusterManZero$600.00BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
8Futiles$600.00KU Med Pediatrics
9Sandbag$325.00Boston Children’s Hospital
10Yellowtimer$325.00UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
11JamesIronBeard$325.00UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
12TwoDeadZombies$325.00Riley Children’s Hospital
13ReneCast$325.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
14BerserkingIrish$325.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
15Ric601$325.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
16Drummerdoug45$325.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital


1Shoagie$4,000.00Nationwide Children’s
2ReneCast$2,500.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
3BerserkingIrish$1,200.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
4sandbag$1,200.00Boston Children’s Hospital
5ndtex$600.00Children’s Hospital Foundation
5James Ironbeard$600.00UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
7MerchGuySteve$600.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
7Hansard$600.00Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation
9Hangmansgirl$325.00Ann and Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital
9mareon1213$325.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
9TheDirectEdition$325.00Wolfson Childrens Hospital
9Wretch Plays$325.00Medical Center Health System Foundation
13Ashesb86$325.00UC Davis Health Children’s Hospital
13Distraction$325.00MVHS Foundation
13Kristalrose$325.00UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital
13Max Adams$325.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals


1Shoagie$4,000.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
2BerserkingIrish$1,850.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
2futiles$1,850.00KU Med Pediatrics
4aerodash84$1,200.00Ann & Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital
5pwolter0$600.00UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
6YXX_RoboKiller$600.00UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
7Obiwan362$600.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
8Drummerdoug45$600.00Nationwide Children’s Hospital
9Morgan_Freedman$325.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
10Wretch Plays$325.00Medical Center Health System Foundation
11ReneCast$325.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
12haxthias$325.00Mohawk Valley Health System
13SethBling$325.00Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
14MerchGuySteve$325.00Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
15Hangmansgirl$325.00Ann and  Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital
16Yellowtimer$325.00UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital

We also want to announce the winners in our three Reddit creative competitions for Cosplay (Novice), Cosplay (Professional) and Gaming Mousepad.

Cosplay (Novice)

1Mandi Lynne$4,000.00SickKids
2Smashlie$3,000.00Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital
3Karm$2,000.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

Cosplay (Professional)

1HyperChai$4,000.00Connecticut Children’s
2Elise Porzellan$3,000.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
3SagDragon$2,000.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

Gaming Mousepad

1Eric Sutton$4,000.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
2Yellowtimer$3,000.00UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
3Phailez$2,000.00Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

And last, but certainly not least, we’d like to acknowledge our three winners of the Minecraft build competition (these were not eligible for prize pool money). Seven teams built worlds around the theme of when you change kids’ health, you unlock a world of possibilities for their futures. All worlds were ASTOUNDING and we are so grateful to Nitrado for supporting the servers for this competition.

2Jack Patillo

Sign up for Extra Life on DonorDrive or Tiltify to change kids’ health to change the future for children treated in member children’s hospitals around the U.S. and Canada by playing games! Whether you’re into board games, video games, crafts, etc., there is a place for you at Extra Life!