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Extra Life’s Newest Twitch and YouTube Features

Let’s level up your fundraising efforts by connecting your Extra Life page to your streaming platform!

Connect to Twitch or YouTube

We love that you can seamlessly connect your Extra Life fundraising page to your Twitch or YouTube! Check out this GIF to see how to do this.

Path: > Login > Your Page > Add Stream > Chose your platform > Add Stream

For Twitch, Enable Amazon Pay

When you invite stream viewers to watch you play within the Twitch eco-system, they can donate to your page with incredible ease with Amazon Pay. Simply enable the extension, configure it, activate the panel and you’re all set!


Add the Twitch Fundraising Extension

Now that your Amazon Pay is set up, it gets even better. We’re thrilled to announce that a simple dynamic extension can allow you to showcase your fundraising progress from your Twitch channel.


Check out this short video for a tutorial on how to enable this extension.

Free Broadcast Overlays

While you’re at it, why not add custom Extra Life broadcast overlays to your Twitch or YouTube stream? Download them here!

Learn More About Sharing Your Extra Life Page

Still have questions? Check out the “Share” episode of the Lou-Lu Show to learn more best practices to share your campaign with excellence!