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Game Day November 5, 2022, is a Month Away!

November 5, 2022, will be Extra Life’s 14th annual Game Day! Thousands of participants along with partners, influencers and celebrities raise funds for their local member children’s hospital of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals each year through Extra Life.

We asked what Extra Lifers were planning for Game Day 2022 and here are some of their responses:

It’s never too early to take a pre Game Day nap in preparation:

You have plenty of time to plan those milestones + incentives!

Remember: Game Day isn’t just November 5! It’s any day that works for you!

See, Game Day is any day that works for you!!

This sounds FUN:

Why we do it:

You might be wondering, “This Game Day thing sounds fun, how do I get started?” Well, it’s easy:

Sign up for Extra Life on DonorDrive or Tiltify and check out some of these helpful resources to get you started:

Sign up for Extra Life on DonorDrive or Tiltify to change kids’ health to change the future for children treated in member children’s hospitals around the U.S. and Canada by playing games! Whether you’re into board games, video games, crafts, etc., there is a place for you at Extra Life!