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Honor Your Heroes on National Superhero Day

National Superhero Day falls on April 28 this year. The holiday began in 1995 when employees at Marvel Comics decided it would be fun to have a day dedicated to the characters in the stories they created. They sent a team of interns out into central Pennsylvania to research how people felt about superheroes and what they thought the most interesting super powers were. Over time, the meaning of the holiday grew to include heroes both real and fictional. It’s a day to honor the people who serve their communities and embody what a hero should be.

In years past, it became a tradition that volunteers would go out to children’s hospitals dressed up as superheroes to spend time with kids and brighten their days. This year, unfortunately, COVID-19 has prevented those volunteers from being heroes to kids who need treatment. That doesn’t mean they are without heroes, though. Check out last year’s celebration of superheroes at Dayton Children’s Hospital in this video:

Children’s hospitals filled with superheroes

The kids who come through the doors of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across the US and Canada are heroes and they are surrounded by heroes and heroines from the second they enter. Doctors, nurses, and the support staff handling administration do their best every day to make sure that the children they are treating know they are cared for and loved. Even during a pandemic, our healthcare heroes are treating chronic illnesses, unexpected injuries, and common infections. Despite the massive strain COVID-19 has put on everyone who goes into work at the hospital every day, the wellbeing of kids remains their number one priority. Especially now, our healthcare workers are absolutely superheroes saving the lives of people in danger.

Celebrating National Superhero Day from home

Celebrating National Superhero Day this year has to be different due to the pandemic. However, you absolutely can still celebrate and honor your heroes! Lighthearted projects for the holiday can be done at home, like creating superhero masks and identities. If you know a healthcare worker or a doctor that has made an impact on you or your family, writing thank you letters encouraging them and letting them know how much their work meant. In a similar vein, consider ordering them their favorite meal through a delivery service so that they have something waiting for them when they get off of their shift.

Aside from those personal and thoughtful ways of getting into the spirit of National Superhero Day, one of the best things you can do right now is to support local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through Extra Life. Many hospitals are running low on crucial and lifesaving supplies. If you have PPE that you would like to donate to your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, our new partnership with Staples provides a great opportunity for this. Go to your local Staples store and drop off your donation of new, unused, unopened personal protective equipment such as N95 respirator face masks, disposable face masks, face-shield, eye protective wear, isolation or surgical gowns.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, children’s hospitals are committed to serving their local communities. The reality is: kids can’t wait for a cure, for the cure to flatten or for an economic boost. They need children’s hospitals now more than ever. Consider donating to the COVID-19 Impact Fund.

Captain America needs his shield; our healthcare workers and the kids in their care need masks and gowns. Consider scheduling a fundraising stream for National Superhero Day. Our heroes need all the help they can get.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!