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Local Extra Life Game Day events!


Extra Life Game Day is Saturday! All types of gamers will unite to raise money for Penn State Children’s Hospital. There’s still time sign up at Create a page, and ask your family and friends to donate. Is your child obsessed with video games? This is a great way to teach them how to use their passion for good!

Locally, there are 3 locations that are hosting Game Day events.

  1. Our #CMNHershey Guild will be at Play N Trade (3437 Simpson Ferry Rd) in Camp Hill from 10am to 10am. That’s right! 24 hours – no wait, 25 hours because of Daylight Saving Time!
  2. The Central PA Game Club (1090 Franklin Street) in Carlisle will host an event on Saturday from 9am to midnight.
  3. New Life Assembly (2136 Baltimore Pike) in East Berlin will host a table top game day from 9am – 10pm.

Gamers are welcome to attend these events or game from the comfort of their own home or on Twitch. If gamers attend the Play N Trade Game Day, they might be able to challenge Miracle Teen Sam and Miracle Child Caden to a game of Mario Brothers!