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Mindcrack Surpasses $1 Million Total Raised for Extra Life

We love our friends at the Mindcrack Network so much. Mindcrack unites dozens of online gamers who consistently deliver entertaining streams to huge groups of viewers across Twitch and YouTube. They have been supporting Extra Life in incredibly strategic ways for the past six years.

And get ready for it…. After Mindcrack’s 48-hour stream this past week, they surpassed $1 Million USD total raised for Extra Life! It’s a Halloween miracle… (Is “Halloween miracle” a thing yet? No? Well, we’re making it a thing.)

The Mindcrack Marathon, which ran for 48-hours beginning October 25, proved to be heartwarming, hilarious and wildly entertaining. Their Ultra Hardcore marathon was epic (picture Hunger Games inside of Minecraft survivor mode). We also loved the “Blind Lego” segment and their S/ICED cooking segment was giving us hilarious CHOPPED vibes. So far in 2019, they’ve raised $251,596.84 (and counting) from merch sales and Twitch revenue.

Mindcrack was founded by Guude and the network features other Extra Life Ambassadors like Aureylian, OMGchad and Sevadus. Check out this video to hear why Guude cares so much about helping heal kids in children’s hospitals:

Even if you missed the stream, you can relive the magic here. And, if you’re feeling inspired by Mindcrack’s remarkable generosity, you can make a small $5 donation to their team right now to keep the momentum going! Or, buy one of their awesome t-shirts celebrating the $1,000,000 milestone.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!