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National Game Day is Over! Now what?

Guest Blogger: Rob Paquet, Team Chits & Bits

You did it, you survived your marathon!  A good part of yesterday was probably spent sleeping and today brings you back to reality and everyday life.

The beauty of Extra Life is that it doesn’t matter what day it is, you can always raise money. It doesn’t matter when or how. But how can I do this everyday you ask? How can I turn everyday life into a way to support The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital? One way is by purchasing the new BBCH vanity plate for your vehicle. Last year when I signed up for The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital license plate I was very excited for another way that I could help raise money for local children. I’ve had the same plate on my vehicles for over 20 years, so being able to get a Barbara Bush Hospital Vanity plate made it a no brainer. It was a long process. Many people spent countless hours working on the campaign, working events, social media, collecting signatures and ultimately making a dream come true. I was so excited when the official word came that the plates were a go.  Now there is a way to show everyone how much you support our local children’s hospital.  The children don’t get to take a day off in their fight, and we shouldn’t take a day off fighting for the kids.