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No Streaming Required | 5 Easy Ways to Change Kids’ Health and Change the Future

Extra Lifers who participate in fundraising efforts on Game Day and beyond have become incredibly visible and shaped the way that people think about Extra Life. However, Extra Life is more than just streaming! We have a large and passionate community that exists in spaces that are left out of the streaming world by choice or technical limitations. If you’re looking to up your fundraising game without streaming, here are several ideas that will make your efforts to help the kids in your community successful.

Make the First Donation to Your Page

This first point might raise a few eyebrows. When it comes to fundraising, momentum is important. Participants who already have a donation, even if it is from themselves, are more easily able to attract future donations. In fact, making the initial donation yourself before any fundraising effort is so effective that, people who self-donate raise 10 times more than those who don’t.

Launch a Facebook Fundraiser

Don’t count Facebook Fundraising out. Even if you don’t use the platform that much, you do have friends and family who do. This feature has raised over $5 billion USD since it was launched back in 2015. Check out these 10 ways to maximize the potential of your Facebook Fundraiser.

On average, people who create Facebook Fundraisers raise $150 USD extra from the effort. (Note tax receipts only issues in the USA).

Host a Virtual Classic Game Night!

If streaming isn’t your thing, consider throwing a game night for your friends or community virtually! Extra Lifers in local cities gather for IRL game nights, often at their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Check out these ideas for turning your game night into a fundraising success.

The flexibility of fundraising during an occasion like this depends on your imagination. Ideas to raise money range from a $10 donation to attend the online festivities to micro-donations to turn the tide of various games from Super Smash Bros. to Monopoly. The key is for everyone to leave having had fun and armed with the knowledge that they helped kids in their communities.

Set Up a Milestone Incentive for your Donors

Setting small goals on the way to accomplish larger objectives helps in many areas of life. It turns out that this also applies to Extra Life fundraising! That’s why we recommend that you create milestones and incentives on your fundraising page this year.

Download the DonorDrive Fundrasing App

Does it get any easier than downloading a mobile app?! However, if everyone in the Extra Life community downloaded and made the attempt to use the Mobile Fundraising Apps, Extra Life would be able to raise another $1 million USD to change kids’ health and the future!

We are grateful for ANY and all support you do to help change kids’ health to change the future for the kids treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. We believe that when we positively change the health of even one child, we create a ripple effect felt by our communities for years to come. When we ensure our children can lead healthy, fulfilling lives, we foster the scientists, inventors, artists, and leaders of tomorrow. Game on!

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help change kids’ health and change the future for children in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!