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Official Extra Life Facebook Groups

Extra Life now has 70+ official local communities connected to the official Extra Life Facebook page!

What is a Facebook Group?

The purpose of a Facebook Group is to develop supportive, safe, informed and inclusive infrastructure for social communities. As Facebook Pages are intended to represent an entity or organization, the Facebook Group offers the opportunity for smaller communities to develop, share, connect and grow around a common cause or concept.

Why are we using Facebook Groups?

–    Recent changes to the Facebook algorithm makes organic (unpaid) reach more challenging. By default, all Group users receive notifications for all Group activity, ensuring a larger distribution pool.

–    Groups will allow us to streamline Extra Life up-to-date communications between national and local communities

–    Groups allow Extra Lifers the opportunity to drive awareness of local endeavors, community events and inspirational stories of impact happening in participants’ own backyards.

–    Group Insights assists us in gauging the size of our digital audience across disparate factions of Extra Lifers.

Facebook Groups will be a “landing” spot for local Extra Lifers, to be used as tool for both Guild Members and Hospital Representatives to connect with and steward local relationships.

How are we using Facebook Groups?
Official Extra Life Facebook Groups Overview
–    Groups are “Public”, meaning anyone can request to join, and any posts within the group are viewable to non-members.

–    Groups are linked to the official Extra Life Facebook Page. You can now see all of these groups listed in the “Groups” tab >

–    Extra Life Guild members will be moderators for their respective cities acting as goodwill ambassadors for the Facebook Group, and willing Program Directors are recommended to join the group, also being made a moderator. Groups will also be administrated by users from the Extra Life Team at CMN Hospitals.

–    Standardized Cover Art (including logo of local CMN Hospital), Standardized “About” section, using “tags” for location: CMN Hospitals, Extra Life and the local hospital where applicable.

–    The official Extra Life channels plan to direct traffic to these local pages via social channels and email marketing efforts.

When will we start using Facebook Groups?

Many of our local Facebook Groups are live, right now! We will be adding standard cover art and additional Facebook Groups by early Q3, 2018.


Q: Should the local Guild still use the FB Group for Guild stuff?

A: You bet! Let folks know that there is an active thriving community of likeminded gamers in their community. If followers of the group participate, even better! If you have things that may be for guild eyes only for some reason, share it in a private channel on your Discord or Slack server.

Q. But we used our FB Group for planning? 

A. Some FB Groups used the “Closed” groups for planning and discussion. That’s great, but we are moving to a Public facing platform that will help local Extra Lifers find you more readily. We know it’s an adjustment and appreciate your patience during this transition.

Q: We have made our own page or group for the guild! Is that okay?

A: We understand that some guilds and hospitals may have created social media pages, groups and other social media accounts not sanctioned by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. While we love that there was enough passion and interest to create these social channels, we need your help in unifying our collective voices to increase efficiency of communication and participant activation/engagement at both the local and national level. In the event your market does have one of these social channels, please migrate those audiences to the local Facebook Group. Target date for this shift is on or before September 30, 2018.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!