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Rooster Teeth Brings RTX 2020 into Your Home

The Rooster Teeth team made the difficult decision back in June to cancel their annual RTX Austin event due to COVID-19 concerns. This year’s RTX Austin was to mark the 10th anniversary of the yearly convention with the biggest iteration of the festivities yet. Despite the setback of an entire event cancelation, Rooster Teeth has resurrected RTX Austin as RTX at Home, a completely online experience.

RTX at Home will run from September 15-25, 2020 and feature panel discussions, big reveals, updates on ongoing projects, big-name guests, and all the wacky hijinks fans of Rooster Teeth have come to expect. There will be a small pause in live events during the weekend of September 19-20th that will serve as a time to rebroadcast and recap the show thus far. Additionally, some of the content, like panels on RWBY and Red vs. Blue, will be free for everyone to enjoy!

For those who want to get the most out of the RTX at Home experience, the Rooster Teeth crew are encouraging people to join the ranks of their FIRST membership. Many of the panels will be exclusively available to FIRST members, especially the daytime programming that has been planned. There will also be live night events hosted online that will require ticket purchases – to which FIRST members receive early access. All content will be broadcast via or its related apps, so make sure you’re prepared!

Rooster Teeth has been a longtime partner of Extra Life and we are thrilled they have created a super team to raise funds for the kids in 2020! That means people can join the super team alone or grab a bunch of friends to form a sub-team within the larger team. A limited amount of merch on the Rooster Teeth store also sends all proceeds to Extra Life. While Rooster Teeth itself raises money for the local Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, everyone who joins the super team can fundraise for their own local children’s hospital.

Thus far, Rooster Teeth has raised enough money for Dell Children’s to open a new Mental Health Unit and the Rooster Teeth Healing Garden to help kids in the hospital with outdoor therapy. Last year, they fundraised to helped Dell Children’s toward the goal of building a new facility that could cover hematology oncology, neurology, and cardiology – things that families previously had to travel out of state to treat.

To be a part of that, consider signing up for their Extra Life super team – after checking out the options on Extra Life merch and RTX at Home tickets, of course!

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!