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Six Black Streamers To Follow Today

The Extra Life community is made up of compassionate and creative gamers who work tirelessly to support the needs of vulnerable kids in their local community. We stand united with the Black community during this moment of protest against racially-motivated violence. We believe that Black lives matter and we wanted to take a moment to celebrate just a few of the Black gamers within the Extra Life community who create digital content that we are obsessed with.

Tanya DePass

Tanya DePass embodies compassion in so many ways. We love that’s she a dedicated Extra Lifer fundraising for Chicago’s kids, but we’re also are blown away by Tanya’s activism beyond just her support of Extra Life.

Tanya is the founder of I Need Diverse Games, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting diversity in the gaming sector. She’s also a powerhouse thought-leader in the tabletop gaming space. Tanya is a cast member on Rivals of Waterdeep which features Dungeons & Dragons streamed gameplay on the official Dungeons & Dragons Twitch channel. This cast is made up fully of POC with new episodes every Sunday at at 12pm CST.

Tanya speaks articulately about the need to elevate the Black community within the tabletop gaming space, and beyond. In one day she personally raised over $150,000 for The Bail Project and empowered her team to raise another $60,000, reaching $210,000 raised for Black activists and allies at a moment when they most need the support!

Tanya also regularly streams thoughtful and entertaining content on her personal Twitch channel: cypherpftyr. Follow to her Twitch channel, tune in for D&D’s weekly Rivals of Waterdeep stream + podcast and support the work of I Need Diverse Games.


DataDave has been a rock-solid supporter of Extra Life and became an official Extra Life Ambassador in 2019. He’s fundraises for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and aims to raise $2,000 USD this year. DataDave’s Twitch channel has nearly 50,000 followers who tune in to watch him stream games like Pokemon and Final Fantasy XIV. Check out his channel if you love anime or if you’re looking for a stream that’s family friendly.

DataDave works to find solutions and build bridges. One element of his activism includes working in a constructive way with Twitch to help promote positive change for POC within the Twitch community. Feel free to contribute to his Google Doc below with suggestions of how Twitch can grow to be a more welcoming and diverse community.



Chicago-based streamer IamBrandon is a Twitch partner who also supports Ann & Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital. While we love his retro gameplay, IamBrandon is an all-around entertainer with a background in a wide array of content creating. His streams are often hilarious, high-energy and just generally bring a smile to your face.

IamBrandon wears his heart on his sleeve and has great empathy for those around him. He has supported Extra Life as well as other amazing charities on his Twitch streams and his empathy is what makes his philanthropy so successful.

It has been a painful year, full stop. IamBrandon brings a bit of humor and joy, while also acknowledging the work that needs to happen to promote healing (like in this tweet below). Check out his Twitch channel today.


It’s hard to imagine a more dedicated Extra Lifer than MajorLinux (aka Marcus Summers) who supports Duke Children’s in North Carolina. He’s a powerhouse volunteer for Extra Life who attends Extra Life United regularly, mentors charitable gamers within his Guild, and fundraises with a fierce dedication #ForTheKids. In recent years, MajorLinux has raised nearly $6,000 USD for children treated at Duke Children’s. His gaming influence extends beyond Extra Life though; MajorLinux serves as a Twitch’s Raleigh-Durham community manager and also hosts a gaming podcast called Notcho Friends.

Streaming on Twitch can promote understanding, build community, offer catharsis, and foster relationships. We are blown away by the ways MajorLinux elevates his streams to spotlight the issues that matter most. Check them out here.


DeejayKnight is another Extra Life Ambassador who plays for Cook Children’s Medical Center in Ft. Worth, TX. An official Twitch partner, Deejay creates content that is warm, funny and calming; he makes viewers feel like a personal friend. Over 66,000 people follow his family-friendly Twitch channel which often features space and sci-fi games. Deejay is articulate and compassionate in speaking about why #BlackLivesMatter, but he also offers a grounded perspective. As a US Air Force Veteran, Deejay identifies as someone who formerly worked in security forces (police/security), however he is also a galvanized activist to help see an end to police violence. As a result, his activism is fair and geared towards lasting solutions. Currently, he’s fundraising for the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Check out his channel and follow today!

Urban Bohemian

Urban Bohemian (aka Brian Gray) hosts a weekly variety Twitch stream, usually featuring console games. Giving back is a part of his DNA, last year he raised over $1,000 USD last year for Ann & Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital. This month, he’s harnessing his charity livestream power to support The Bail Project as well as multiple nonprofits serving the LGBTQ+ community. Brian is a powerhouse of positivity and illuminates the importance of intersectionality when it comes to charitable work. Follow his Twitch, we know you’ll love it!

To the Black community, we stand alongside you in protest of racial inequalities. We unite our voice with yours to ignite a heightened conversation to end hate and racism in this country. Read more. We know that the challenges of recent months may be taking a toll on the mental health of our community. Mental wellness is something we hope everyone can access. Here are some resources if you need them from our friends a

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!