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Streaming 101 for Extra Life

Stream your fundraising

More Useful tips to help your streaming!

The Power of a Bot

Using a bot to help share your fundraising page

Add a bot to either periodically share a custom message during your stream or to activate a message when a command is typed in the chat. A great way to make sure your viewers know how to donate is to create this command with a message to share your “participant page.”

Okay, but why? 

When you share this information in a regular, structured format, people are more likely to donate. If you don’t ask for a donation, you’re not going to get one. Let your bot ask or share the donation page information while you’re in the middle of playing or on-screen shenanigans!

There are several bots available and they function in very similar fashions! Have a look at StreamLabs ChatbotStreamElements Chatbot, Moobot and Nightbot!

Feeling stuck? Head over to our Discord channel’s “Streaming tips and tricks” section and ask our community for help.

Streaming Checklist

You’ve set up your stream, you’ve tested everything and now you are ready to start playing games and raising money #ForTheKids! Here is a quick checklist to put that final polish on your stream.

☐ Social

  • When sharing Extra Life on social media, be sure to tag @ExtraLife4Kids. Add #EXTRALIFE to social media posts and your stream title.
  • Set your “game” or “tag” to Extra Life on both Twitch and Mixer!
  • Check out the Extra Life media kit. It includes overlays for your stream, graphics, talking points and more!

Extensions (Twitch)

  • Add the Extra Life Twitch Extension to make it easy for your viewers to track your fundraising efforts and make their donation through Read more (mid-way in the article).
  • You can also access additional graphics with the broadcast kit.

Asking for Donations

Playing games is the easy part, the tough part is asking people to help. Think about how you’ll ask for the donation during your stream. What would make you consider to donate?

Why do You “Extra Life”?

  • It all starts with Tori; Extra Life began to help one little girl in Orange, TX. Her story has inspired thousands of people to play games #ForTheKids. Share this video about her life.
  • What’s your story? Why do you participate in Extra Life? Do you have a connection to your children’s hospital or know someone who does?
  • Need some inspiration? Check out these Why I Extra Life stories!


This basic streaming primer should get you well on your way to streaming and sharing Extra Life online! Be sure to swing by our official Discord for additional tips and tricks!

Additional Donation Alert Resources: 

For additional resources check out this guide!

When you’re ready for more, head over to Twitch’s Creator Camp!

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!