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Tune in to Extra Life Ambassador Apocalypto_12’s Extra Life Marathon Tomorrow

Popular streamer and 2019 Extra Life Ambassador Apocalypto_12, AKA Tyler Scheid, just learned about Extra Life this year. Tomorrow, he will be launching a 12-hour stream marathon to support Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. At his side will be Wade Barnes, better known as LordMinion777, who ran his own streaming marathon for Extra Life earlier this year. Scheid has a history with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. When he was 2 years old, he was diagnosed and treated there by the caring staff. This weekend, he wants to give back to the institution that helped him as a kid.

Earlier this year, Tyler attended Extra Life United and it really opened his eyes to how the organization helps support hospitals and kids all across the US and Canada. He was able to meet some of the kids and feel how Extra Life has worked in their lives to help them live full and happy lives. While explaining why its important to him that he get involved with Extra Life, Scheid said, “As a kid, you don’t know any different, and now they get to do everything that they originally couldn’t.”

ASUS and Republic of Gamers both contributed to the stream infrastructure, providing all of the PCs and peripherals that will be used throughout the day tomorrow. This includes everything from the headsets and keyboards to the mouse pads. This sort of support always blows us away, so thank you to both Asus and Republic of Gamers for stepping up like that to help someone raising money for the kids.

The stream itself has a robust slate of activities in store for its entire 12 hour duration. Starting at 19am EST tomorrow on Twitch, You can expect to see Apocalypto_12 and LordMinion777 playing Switch and PC games, some surprise guests, and a hilarious twist on bobbing for apples that includes creative punishments. On top of that, champion kids Allison, Calvin, and Cole will be attending the stream to play games with Tyler and Wade as well as give the duo interviews about their experiences at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. There might even be special interview segments from their recent visit to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital with nurses and doctors who had a hand in Tyler’s treatment as a child.

If all of that isn’t enough of an exciting incentive on its own, there are also prizes and mystery incentives! Tyler has a goal of $20,000 USD and has something special planned for every $1,000 USD he raises toward that goal. What exactly those things might be, you will have to tune in to see! On top of that, GameStop has graciously provided Apocalypto_12’s stream with $400 USD in gift cards to give away throughout the day. The crowning prize, however, will be a brand new Nintendo Switch provided to Tyler by Nintendo.

Finally, we want to give a huge thank you to DonorDrive. Located perfectly in Cincinnati, Donor Drive donated space in their headquarters for the stream itself. It puts smiles on all of our faces knowing we have partners who can help out Extra Lifers looking to do good in the world.

It’s never too late to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games! Donations for 2019 are accepted year-round!