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Using Tabletop for Charity Fundraising Panel

Our panel for GenCon Online is set! “Using Tabletop Gaming for Charity Fundraising” is open to EVERYONE! When viewing the page you may notice an event “ticket”. While not needed, getting a ticket helps GenCon know how many people intended on joining this panel.

Date: 7/31/2020
Time: 1pm Eastern
Panel Topic: Join Extra Life and tabletop experts in a conversation that explores best practices and experiences in charity fundraising. Something for fundraisers of all levels!

Confirmed Panelists: 

Tanya DePass (@cypheroftyr) – Founder/Director of I Need Diverse Games, Producer of Rivals of Waterdeep, Diversity, Equity and & Inclusion Consultant

Vanessa Brasfield (@pleasantlytwstd) – Content Creator, Graphic Designer, Charity Event Specialist

Ivan Van Norman (@hydra_lord)– Host/Producer, Head of Publishing and Media at Hunters Entertainment

Rhonda McBain– Extra Lifer and Program Director at Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Daniel Phoenix – (@RaathCatarn) – Admin for (Discord)(@jointheorder)

Moderator: Caity Cooperrider – Extra Lifer, Content Creator

Official GenCon Site: