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Why I Extra Life | “Unite Nerds to Save Kids”

This post was written by fourth- year Extra Lifer Sebastian Carter playing for Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

Sebastian recently reached out to elaborate on why Extra Life is such a meaningful cause to him.

“The person who inspired me to join this cause is no longer a child, but one of my brothers two years my junior year. Myles had a degenerative tissue disorder, which is a lot like Marfans, but apparently it isn’t. …He has a curved spine and an indented chest cavity, leaky heart valves, and is at risk or his aorta dissolving. When we were both kids, he was in the hospital often for doctors’ visits and even had operations to put in and remove a metal bar through his chest. When we were in hospital waiting rooms, we would play Game Boy Color, and I remember the fear that my mother had. So, based on those memories, and the truth that children are our future, this cause resonated with me. I heard about the charity through my current employer, Rackspace. 2020 will be my fourth year participating in Extra Life. [I’ve earned] 2 gold medals, going for a third this year! I’m playing for the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. On Game Day, I stream playing whatever is popular or whatever I think I can attract attention with.”

 In Sebastian’s about section on Extra Life’s website he wrote a poem about why he’s participating in this unique cause for kids for treated at Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

This year, he’s set a fundraising goal of $2,000, you can donate to support his effort here.

Why do you Extra Life? Submit your answers here for a chance to be published on the Extra Life blog.  Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!