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Congrats to our 2020 Extra Life Hackathon Next-Round Candidates!

This year at Extra Life United, we are thrilled to be hosting our inaugural Extra Life Hackathon. These past two weeks we received dozens of submissions and we’re thrilled to announce our top 15 ideas which are advancing to the next round.

Here are the top ideas (in alphabetical order) which will advance to the next round of the Hackathon:

  1. College Rivalry Esports Events by dmpaskiet
  2. Corporate Charity E-Sports Tournament by Team-KyleK
  3. Direct Entry from Registration App by ELIGToad
  4. Donation Tracker and Incentive/Milestone Ticker for Live Streaming by jsstudz
  5. EL PICO (Extra Life Platform Independent Community Outreach) by SngleSrvingFriend
  6. Events Planning by vivamusprime
  7. Extra Life Event Organization and Planning Portal by bbognar
  8. Extra Life Invitational Collegiate Esports Tournament by Herbertsmart
  9. Extra Life Overwatch Skins by Journ
  10. Extra Life University by MaxJames
  11. Gamification of Team Bonding by marcosblack
  12. Play with a Pro by JennaP29
  13. Team Challenges and Incentives  by Team-KyleK
  14. Team Page Tools by Makiyora
  15. Twitch Revenue #ForTheKids by ndtex
Congrats to our top 15 submissions! These ideas are advancing to the Community Feedback stage, inviting the public to provide comments on these great ideas. After the Community Feedback period concludes, the top 4 ideas will be selected based off of community votes and additional reviews. We’ll announce the top 4 ideas in early March.