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Extra Life United Final Tournament Standings 2023

Congrats and THANK YOU to all our amazing Extra Lifers who competed and participated in Extra Life United 2023. Extra Lifers spent their time competing in tournament games, building incredible Minecraft worlds, competing in our creative competitions, challenge station games, making masks and capes, and competing in on-stage games during the event. They also spent time together connecting and learning the best ways to support our mission to change kids’ health to change the future. Take a look:

The 9th annual Extra Life United tournament featured a $150,000 USD prize pool with winnings* going to the winners’ selected member hospital of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. 166 Extra Lifers won funds at Extra Life United benefiting 67 member hospitals!

Check out the tournament standings and give kudos to the community members who won funds for their member hospital! *Prize pool money will not be posted to fundraising pages until later in 2023.

Tournament Games Winners


1st$3,000.00KaptainKirkChildren’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba
2nd$2,000.00EmJovUCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals
3rd$900.00LoominEast Tennessee Children’s Hospital
3rd$900.00OwningToasterUCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals
4th$272.73YungManUCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals
4th$272.73Admas0Connecticut Children’s
4th$272.73CaptainrosebeardHelen DeVos Children’s Hospital
4th$272.73DeftNinjaConnecticut Children’s
4th$272.73ReeseDomanStuder Family Children’s Hospital Ascension Sacred Heart
4th$272.73CrateChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
4th$272.73SeamedNoteNationwide Children’s Hospital Toledo
4th$272.73StressfulGengarChildren’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba
4th$272.73UsedWhaleChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
4th$272.73pwolter0University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
4th$272.73BlairBears65Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital
16th$11.76JavierCorgiChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
16th$11.76OptimusOctaviusMUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital
16th$11.76RODSTARChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
16th$11.76TubaTaylorKentucky Children’s Hospital
16th$11.76ThrownlinePenn State Health Children’s Hospital
16th$11.76imaidiot19Cook Children’s
16th$11.76Le SkittlesPenn State Health Children’s Hospital
16th$11.76MerchGuySteveOrlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
16th$11.76ShawnOfTheNorthStollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
16th$11.76froncChildren’s Specialized Hospital
16th$11.76HyzenthleiaAnn & Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital
16th$11.76IronStormNationwide Children’s Toledo
16th$11.76TimayThe Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital
16th$11.76EzPzChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
16th$11.76A1phaChinoOrlando Health
16th$11.76awextraConnecticut Children’s
16th$11.76BirdimusChildren’s Hospital Foundation – OK

Ultimate Chicken Horse

1st$3,000.00Admas0Connecticut Children’s
2nd$2,000.00JackDell Children’s
3rd$1,000.00LoominEast Tennessee Children’s Hospital
4th$800.00LonestarF1The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
5th$266.67JKfoshizzleGeisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital
5th$266.67DeftNinjaConnecticut Children’s
5th$266.67TimayThe Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital
5th$266.67OptimusOctaviusMUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital
5th$266.67EmJovUCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals
5th$266.67WretchPlaysMedical Center Health System Foundation
5th$266.67pwolter0University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
5th$266.67MerchGuySteveOrlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
5th$266.67KaptainKirkChildren’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba
5th$266.67James IronbeardUniversity Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
5th$266.67MisticNyxGeisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital
5th$266.67Xavier LasenburgGeisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital
5th$266.67awextraConnecticut Children’s

Fall Guys

1st$3,400DeftNinjaConnecticut Children’s
2nd$1,200jsstudzChildren’s Wisconsin
3rd$1,200EmJovUCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals
4th$1,800YungManUCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals
5th$600WretchPlaysMedical Center Health System Foundation
6th$600ThrownlinePenn State Health Children’s Hospital
7th$600ShawnOfTheNorthStollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
8th$600LoominEast Tennessee Children’s Hospital

Mystery Game – WindJammers 2

1st$3,000.00UsedWhaleChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
2nd$2,000.00LoominEast Tennessee Children’s Hospital
3rd$383.33MerchGuySteveOrlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
3rd$383.33JohnnyOlManChildren’s Specialized Hospital
3rd$383.33TwoDeadZombiesRiley Hospital for Children
3rd$383.33virus elite524Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
3rd$383.33PlaidtrombonistKentucky Children’s Hospital
3rd$383.33CaptainrosebeardHelen DeVos Children’s Hospital
3rd$383.33LonestarF1Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
3rd$383.33DrummerdougNationwide Children’s Hospital
3rd$383.33froncChildren’s Specialized Hospital
3rd$383.33EzPzChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
3rd$383.33OwningToasterUCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals
3rd$383.33Jesse NelsonBC Children’s Hospital
15th$21.00BearcatgirlMU Health Care Children’s Hospital
15th$21.00HarkibaldKentucky Children’s Hospital
15th$21.00James IronbeardUniversity Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
15th$21.00FilitustreinFundacion de niños san jorge
15th$21.00ThatsHowUFRollsOrlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
15th$21.00TubaTaylorKentucky Children’s Hospital
15th$21.00ndtexChildren’s Health Foundation
15th$21.00ShawnOfTheNorthStollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
15th$21.00PZsMomChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
15th$21.00DavrimNationwide Children’s Hospital
15th$21.00HydroChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
15th$21.00FJZB2Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
15th$21.00buserNationwide Children’s Hospital
15th$21.00EmJovUCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals
15th$21.00EdiigaChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
15th$21.00Sparky226Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
15th$21.00TimayThe Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital
15th$21.00ThrownlinePenn State Health Children’s Hospital
15th$21.00IndigoGhostOrlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

Liar’s Dice

1st$3,000.00BrieKU Medical Center
2nd$2,000.00UsedWhaleChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
3rd$733.33ShoagieNationwide Children’s Hospital
3rd$733.33Doctor Explosion MDBoston Children’s Hospital
3rd$733.33ndtexChildren’s Health Foundation
6th$116.67buserNationwide Children’s Hospital
6th$116.67S15 CostumingNicklaus Children’s Hospital
6th$116.67REmaster1989Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
6th$116.67WretchPlaysMedical Center Health System Foundation
6th$116.67Wheel4SpeedDayton Children’s Hospital
6th$116.67LoominEast Tennessee Children’s Hospital
6th$116.67HarkibaldKentucky Children’s Hospital
6th$116.67HydroChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
6th$116.67Kardinal ZynThe Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital
6th$116.67HangmansgirlAnn & Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
6th$116.67EdiigaChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
6th$116.67ZABACKINBLACKOrlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
6th$116.67DocBrownTexas Children’s Hospital
6th$116.67OptimusOctaviusMUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital
6th$116.67StressfulGengarChildren’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba
6th$116.67ErrorCode43BC Children’s Hospital
6th$116.67RODSTARChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
6th$116.67crysti1575Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
6th$116.67EmJovUCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals
6th$116.67ColdMenaceRiley Hospital for Children
6th$116.67TwoDeadZombiesRiley Hospital for Children
6th$116.67jsstudzChildren’s Wisconsin
6th$116.67LonestarF1The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


1st$3,000.00OwningToasterUCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals
2nd$2,000.00ErrorCode43BC Children’s Hospital
3rd$1,000.00ShoagieNationwide Children’s Hospital
4th$800.00TwoDeadZombiesRiley Hospital for Children
5th$400.00obiwan362Nationwide Children’s Hospital
6th$400.00CakeUC Davis Children’s Hospital
7th$400.00brieKU Medical Center
8th$400.00blc999Riley Hospital for Children
9th$200.00ThatsHowUFRollsOrlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
10th$200.00DocBrownTexas Children’s Hospital
11th$200.00futilesKU Med Pediatrics
12th$200.00BerserkingIrishOrlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
13th$200.00Ric601Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
14th$200.00PlaidtrombonistKentucky Children’s Hospital
15th$200.00The WifeTexas Children’s Hospital
16th$200.00Spitfire DSOWolfson Children’s Hospital
April 14 update: After this blog was posted, we learned that the 2nd & 3rd place winners were shown incorrectly. We have updated this chart to reflect the correct placement of winners. For more info, you can view the official CATAN tournament scoring system.

Sushi GO!

1st$3,000.00jsstudzChildren’s Wisconsin
2nd$2,000.00FJZB2Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
3rd$1,000.00HarkibaldKentucky Children’s Hospital
4th$800.00BdeezyWolfson Children’s Hospital
5th$400.00JohnnyOlManChildren’s Specialized Hospital
5th$400.00BrieKU Medical Center
5th$400.00reddjoeyUF Health | Shands
5th$400.00ThatsHowUFRollsOrlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
9th$80.00HyzenthleiaAnn & Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital
9th$80.00aerodash84Ann & Robert Lurie’s Children’s Hospital
9th$80.00ndtexChildren’s Health Foundation
9th$80.00schabbyChildren’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
9th$80.00WretchPlaysMedical Center Health System Foundation
9th$80.00Elliott HorgUniversity Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
9th$80.00ShoagieNationwide Children’s Hospital
9th$80.00VitalityXChildren’s Hospital Los Angeles
9th$80.00Talos DeschainOrlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
9th$80.00doughboyeeChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
9th$80.00DocBrownTexas Children’s Hospital
9th$80.00DavrimNationwide Children’s Hospital
9th$80.00FilitustreinFundacion de niños san jorge
9th$80.00YesyFundacion de niños San Jorge
9th$80.00PlaidtrombonistKentucky Children’s Hospital
9th$80.00The WifeTexas Children’s Hospital
9th$80.00futilesKU Med Pediatrics
9th$80.00BirdimusChildren’s Hospital Foundation – OK
9th$80.00HydroChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
9th$80.00CakeUC Davis Children’s Hospital
Final standings are based on a combination of win/loss record, final score, and seats at the ‘finals’ table

Creative Competitions Winners

Cosplay Amateur Winners

1st$3,000.00Smashlie GamingJohns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital
2nd$2,000.00AmyBC Children’s Hospitals
3rd$1,000.00SweetPancakes13Seattle Children’s Hospital
Click each winner’s name to view their full-sized photo submissions

Cosplay Professional Winners

1st$3,000.00HyperChaiConnecticut Children’s
2nd$2,000.00Stay at Foam Dad CreationsSt. Louis Children’s
3rd$1,000.00Mangaloo CosplaysJohns Hopkins Children’s Center
Click each winner’s name to view their full-sized photo submissions

Poster Design Winners

1st$3,000.00MadManPocketsPenn State Children’s
2nd$2,000.00CelinePenn State Children’s
3rd$1,000.00AdamBoston Children’s Hospital
Click each winner’s name to view their full-sized photo submissions

Minecraft Winners

First place: Team Mindcrack

1st$1,000.00PakrattChildren’s Miracle Network Hospitals
1st$1,000.00fireredlilyOur Lady of the Lake
1st$1,000.00LyeojDuke Children’s
1st$1,000.00MeteorFreakUniversity Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
1st$1,000.00SkubbleUR Medicine Golisano Children’s Hospital
1st$1,000.00Nasty.289Children’s Hospital New Orleans
1st$1,000.00PhailezStollery Children’s Hospital
1st$1,000.00LinkUseTheTriforceEast Tennessee Children’s Hospital
1st$1,000.00CompUR Medicine Golisano Children’s Hospital
1st$1,000.00Fell UmbraCook Children’s

Second place: Team Kelsey Dangerous

2nd$416.67Kelsey DangerousChildren’s Miracle Network Hospitals
2nd$416.67Elisar PrielChildren’s Miracle Network Hospitals
2nd$416.67Stephanie HigdonChildren’s Health Foundation
2nd$416.67Tom ChristensenLurie Children’s
2nd$416.67Alex WhitesideChildren’s Hospital St. Louis
2nd$416.67BurningShad0wChildren’s Miracle Network Hospitals
2nd$416.67Dana EplettChildren’s Miracle Network Hospitals
2nd$416.67KinelffeSick Kids
2nd$416.67Kassy GChildren’s Miracle Network Hospitals
2nd$416.67Grant GlassDriscoll Children’s Hospital
2nd$416.67FlamefoxChildren’s Miracle Network Hospitals
2nd$416.67FwafCorgiChildren’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Rock, Paper, Scissors Winners

1st$5,000.00schabbyChildren’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
2nd$2,000.00crysti1575Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
3rd$500.00YesyFundacion de niños San Jorge
4th$100.00DavrimNationwide Children’s Hospital

Challenge Stations Winners


1st$1,500.00DeftNinjaConnecticut Children’s
2nd$1,000.00doughboyeeChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
3rd$500.00The WifeTexas Children’s Hospital
4th$250.00Doctor Explosion MDBoston Children’s Hospital
5th$200.00BirdimusChildren’s Hospital Foundation – OK
6th$150.00DocBrownTexas Children’s Hospital
6th$150.00TheVeritaConnecticut Children’s
6th$150.00pawnArkansas Children’s


1st$1,500.00REmaster1989Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
2nd$1,000.00ZaBackinBlackOrlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
3rd$500.00MerchGuySteveOrlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

Subway Surfers

1st$1,500.00Ethan R.UVA Children’s
2nd$1,000.00Bentley R.UVA Children’s
3rd$500.00EmJovUCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals
4th$250.00Jeremiah L.Children’s Health Foundation
5th$200.00UsedwhaleChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia
6th$150.00SeamedNoteNationwide Children’s Hospital Toledo

Puyo Puyo

1st$1,500.00WretchPlaysMedical Center Health System Foundation
2nd$1,000.00HangmansgirlAnn & Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago
3rd$500.00HydroChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia

20 Questions

1st$1,500.00HarkibaldKentucky Children’s Hospital
2nd$1,000.00Ethan R.UVA Children’s
3rd$316.67SeamedNoteNationwide Children’s Hospital Toledo
3rd$316.67S15 CostumingNicklaus Children’s Hospital
3rd$316.67VitalityXChildren’s Hospital Los Angeles
6th$150.00BirdimusChildren’s Hospital Foundation – OK

Additional prize pool money was allocated to stage games, Extra Life bucks, and the creative cape design competition.

We can’t wait for Extra Life United 2024. Until then, join us this summer to celebrate Tabletop Appreciation Weekend on August 19-21, and Game Day on November 4 (or any day that works for you!). Stay in touch with us by following @ExtraLife4Kids on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and joining the ExtraLife4Kids Discord!

Sign up for Extra Life at or on Tiltify to change kids’ health to change the future for children treated in member children’s hospitals around the U.S. and Canada by playing games! Whether you’re into board games, video games, crafts, etc., there is a place for you at Extra Life!