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Extra Life United – Top 10!

We are excited to share that Phoenix Children’s Hospital was among the top 10 fundraising hospitals during Extra Life United last week! This is entirely thanks to our gamers who support our patients and families.

These are uneasy times, but we still had so many people show up to help our kids. The standard pressure and stress of having a sick child in your family is heightened with the threat of COVID-10, as many of our patients are immune-compromised ­– drastically increasing the risk of infection and disease.

To celebrate the success of Extra Life United and to celebrate the work that is being done at the Hospital to keep our patients safe, we want to highlight a few of our top fundraisers. FaZe Clan members Adapt and Swagg raised over $1,000, respectively, during their streaming efforts as well as Miss TeamKK coming in with over $650 raised! This is such amazing news and a testament to the wonderful people who support Phoenix Children’s mission through Extra Life.

To get involved with Extra Life, a way to fundraise for children’s hospitals at any time and from anywhere, sign up here.