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Fresno's Extra Life Guild Is Off…

Our Fresno Extra Life Guild was just started and is off to do some amazing things.

Last month, we had our first Extra Life Guild Launch event and we think it’s a great sign into what the Extra Life Guild has in store.  Over 20 gamers, friends and community members were in attendance – one of the highest attended Extra Life Guild kickoff events of the season.  Not to mention,  CJ Wilson (former MLB pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels & Texas Rangers and cofounder of CJ Wilson’s Children’s Charities) was there and is excited to get involved.

Now we’re excited to share who the Fresno Extra Life Guild leadership team is…

President – Manuel Vejar

Vice President – Patrick Haupt

Secretary – Jason Radcliffe

Chief Innovation Officer – C.J. Wilson (former MLB Pitcher and  Founder of C.J. Wilson’s Children’s Charities)

If you are interested in finding out more about Extra life, check out our Fresno Extra Life pages:

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