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Game Day Begins at Midnight!

On Saturday, thousands of gamers will unite to help kids who are treated at CMN Hospitals! The national Extra Life game day is on 11/2 and in Dayton alone, there are more than 110 folks signed up to “Play Games. Heal Kids”. We have participants from Florida to Ohio raising funds for equipment and technology at Dayton Children’s.

What does marathon day look like? Simply, it’s a day of gaming of any kind. Fundraising for marathon day can begin up to a year before game day. BUT- it can also start day of- so it’s not too late to sign up!

We put a goal out for participants to raise at least $50 by early October and receive a game day survival kit. We are ecstatic to report that 32 people reached the goal! This is record breaking going into game day and we cannot wait to see what the end results are after this weekend. The funds raised from this event and other CMN fundraising provides the life-saving and life-changing equipment and technology needed to continue to serve the more than 350,000 patients who walk through Dayton Children’s each year.

Huge shout out to everyone who is already registered, especially to the FIVE gamers who have raised a $1,000 or more! This is INCREDIBLE! Have a great day and know that your time and energy is appreciated. Keep kids like Luke in mind and know that you are doing so much good! Learn more about Luke now.

In 10 years from its inception, Extra Lifers raised over $50 Million in the US.

Learn more about Extra Life, sign up or support another gamer now! 

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