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Introducing the Lou-Lu Show!

Looking to massively magnify your local efforts for Extra Life? Look no further than the Lou-Lu Show!

At the end of the month on Wednesday afternoons from now until Game Day (November 2!), Lou Adducci (Director, Extra Life Community) and Lucibelle Tan (Fundraising and Engagement Specialist, Canada) will be discussing all the amazing ways you can elevate Extra Life in your community.

If you missed our first episode, you can stream it on Twitch here!

Be sure to mark your calendars for some amazing upcoming episodes (4pm EST):

  • Wednesday, August 21 | Share We are diving into the question “How do you share Extra Life?” with a specific focus on our upcoming Tabletop Appreciation Weekend.
  • Wednesday, September 25 | Donate Does it ever stop being awkward to ask people for donations? (TDLR… no, it’s always awkward). However, we’re going to equip you to overcome your anxiety and fundraise like a champ!
  • Wednesday, October 23 | Here Comes Game Day! Game Day is on November 2. Join us as we make fun announcements in preparation and equip you to take your Game Day success to the next level!

 Once again, if you missed this week’s broadcast of the Lou-Lu Show, you can tune in here.