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Connect Your Extra Life Page to Facebook Fundraising

**Note, this feature will convert all donations into USD and Facebook donations outside of the USA will not offer tax receipts.

Picture Facebook Fundraising as your trusty in-game loot chest, but instead of elusive mythical items, it’s packed with a treasure trove of fundraising perks!

Harnessing the power of social media, it’s like unleashing a critical hit with your charisma stat, enabling you to rally your guild (friends and family) and even summon supporters from the vast realm of your extended family who don’t spend all day watching your live stream.

With payment processing smoother than a well-oiled droid, you can level up your fundraising prowess, all while keeping score and epic loot….err funds… rolling in.

Set It…But Don’t Forget It

Facebook Fundraisers aren’t as assertive as they used to be on their own. They need just a bit more attention from you in order to show up on your friends’ feeds and notifications. 

Here are some things you can do to maximize the potential to receive donations through Facebook Fundraising: 

  1. Tag people – This is the most important thing you can do because when you tag people, it appears in their notifications. If you don’t tag people, it’s most likely that they’ll never see your Facebook Fundraiser at all because the algorithm may hide it.
  2. Promote through Messenger – Share your fundraiser with friends and contacts through Meta Messenger. Personalized messages are more compelling than generic posts (and are much harder to ignore)!
  3. Customize the photo and description – people can tell the difference between our default image and description and your personal photo and story…and it makes a difference because they understand that this is more important to you than someone who isn’t willing to take the time to personalize their fundraising request. 
  4. Thank your supporters – Express gratitude to your donors and publicly acknowledge their donations. This encourages more people to get involved and shows appreciation for those who’ve already supported your campaign.
  5. Set a realistic goal – While it’s great to have ambitious goals, set a target that’s achievable. People are more likely to contribute if they see progress toward a goal.
  6. Frequent updates – Regularly post updates on your fundraiser’s progress. Share success stories, milestones, or how the funds are being used. Promote your live streams and events. 
  7. Ask friends to share – Encourage your friends and family to share your fundraiser on their own feeds. This extends your reach to their networks.
  8. Promote it on Instagram – Add a link to your FB fundraiser (or Extra Life page) to your Instagram bio. Make an image to promote it and post to your Insta feed.
  9. Utilize hashtags – Use popular and relevant hashtags (like #GameDay and #ExtraLife) to increase discoverability of your fundraiser. This allows people interested in your cause to find your fundraiser more easily. And – tag us direct @ExtraLife4Kids 
  10. Pin Your Fundraiser – Pin your fundraiser post to the top of your FB profile. This ensures that it’s the first thing people see when they visit your page.

So, Let’s Set Up Your Facebook Fundraiser

Go to If you haven’t yet set up a campaign, sign up! Then, edit account settings.

Once you finish registering (or log in), you’ll land in your Dashboard.

Scroll until you see the big section that says, “Fundraise on Facebook” and click the “Create a Facebook Fundraiser” button.

Follow the prompts

Once you complete setup, go to your Facebook Fundraiser and follow the 10 Best Practices listed at the top of this blog post.

Check on your Facebook Fundraiser often. You can get to it easily from your dashboard. Keep promoting it by tagging people and sharing it in Messenger!