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Tabletop Weekend ’24 is Almost Upon Us!

If you think it feels a bit early for Tabletop Weekend, you’re right! We’ve moved Tabletop Weekend to April to align with National Board Game Day! As previously announced, Tabletop Weekend is April 12-14, this year!

If this is your first time participating in the fun that is Tabletop Weekend, or even if you are a veteran of this celebration of dice, card, miniatures, and more, then we have some suggestions for awesome Tabletop Weekend activities!

Whether you want to host a small gathering or if you want to host a large-scale event at a game shop or brewery, we have a few suggestions for you!

Having a small gathering? Check out this page for some suggestions!

Looking for info on hosting a bigger event? Look no further than this resource page!

Need more ideas? Whether it’s D&D, Monopoly, CATAN, or another game, give players the chance to re-roll the dice if they donate! Playing Monopoly and trying to get out of jail? Donate! Think of creative ways to spice up games and create fun ways to collect donations. Offer an exciting prize or incentive to one random supporter who donates to your page during the weekend! Host a game night in which each player donates a modest entry fee. The winner(s) get the money donated to their page.

These are just a few suggestions, but if you want more ideas on how to fundraise during Tabletop Weekend you can jump into the Extra Life Discord to ask your fellow Extra Lifers how they support their local member hospital through tabletop gaming!

Now that you have a few ideas about how to fundraise during Tabletop Weekend, feast your eyes on the beautiful D20 that you can earn as a fundraising reward!!!

Platinum Extra Lifers who fundraise $100 USD from April 12th to April 30th will be able to unlock the Extra Life D20! Extra Life teamed up with our friends at Norse Foundry to create this amazing incentive for Tabletop Weekend!

Once you raise $100 (after April 12), we’ll email you with your redemption code. These glass D20s will feature the Extra Life logo where the ’20’ would normally be. 

For more info, see the D20 FAQs.