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Your First Look at the 2021 Platinum Incentives!

Every year, Extra Life has a limited edition run of goodies related to signing up for a Platinum Membership. Platinum members gain extra stuff for raising money, things they can hold onto for years to come. Money raised via the Platinum Membership fee helps to cover Extra Life’s operating costs and the incentives provide a great way to set personal goals for yourself. Some of the most memorable Extra Life items come directly from the Platinum Membership and we couldn’t be happier to reveal 2021’s Platinum incentives!

The new decal for 2021 highlights the necessity today’s kids have for medical care. It shows the different communities and passions around gaming coming together to help children in their local communities. Whether you play on Nintendo Switch, PC, a tabletop, or a next-gen console, this decal is meant to speak to you and Extra Life’s overarching mission to do good for kids who need help across the United States and Canada.

Every year, the Platinum Membership offers a t-shirt incentive. This year, the shirt features saying veterans in the Extra Life community should be familiar with, “Play Games, Heal Kids.” The black t-shirt also highlights the classic blue and white color scheme on top of the winged, haloed controller and dice.

A point of pride for Extra Lifers going back almost a decade now is the silver and gold medals. They commemorate the fundraising efforts of the most dedicated among the Extra Life community – and can only be obtained by signing up for Platinum Membership. Raise enough to obtain these and hold onto them as a tangible reminder of the good you have done for the kids.

Upgrading to Platinum Membership is really easy! You can either do so when you register as a participant or upgrade later on. Upgrading at registration or later costs $19 USD and renders you eligible for Platinum incentives. If you raise $75 USD, you can snag the decal to snazz up your life. Raising over $200 USD earns you the phenomenal t-shirt to remember the year in style. If you manage the staggering accomplishment of raising over $500 USD you will be sent a silver medal while breaking $1,000 USD earns the gold.

Remember Kids Can’t Wait so we all need to band together – now more than ever as the pandemic rolls on into 2021.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!