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YouTuber Party Games Group Tops Extra Life Leaderboard

Did you see the fun that took place last weekend with YouTuber influencers AzzyLandInfinitePrestonBriannaBrennen Taylor, and Kiera Bridget? Together, each of these influencers joined in support of SickKids in Toronto through a Girls vs. Guys influencer stream on YouTube featuring Jackbox Games. They gamed to support SickKids Foundation through the Children’s Hospitals COVID-19 Impact Fund.

The YouTuber game tournament proved to be a massive success by reaching a fundraising total of $25,000 USD under two and half hours! But, they kept fundraising after the cameras turned off. At the time of writing, this group of YouTubers have raised nearly $28,000 USD, and continue to work towards their $30,000 USD goal. They’ve assumed the top spot on the Extra Life leaderboard, setting the bar high for fellow Extra Life supporters in 2020.

Throughout the event, approximately 20,000 viewers tuned in at any given moment and at its highest, viewership reached 33,000. Prior to the tournament, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals announced the event on their channel and Tubefilter caught wave of the story as well.

Missed the stream? You can relive the magic here:

Jackbox Games amplified the events’ success contributing $2,500 USD during the livestream; a steam that spotlighted the fun party nature of Jackbox Games (especially in a time of social distancing). Thank you Jackbox Games for supporting the SickKids Foundation!

We also wanted to give a special thank you to Azzy, who personally donated over $8,000 USD. Her contribution will help SickKids provide the needs for every child in their care. SickKids of Toronto will be forever grateful for everyone’s contributions to help change kids’ health, change the future!

To help Azzy and friends continue to reach their $30,000 goal donate here.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games