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Calling All Extra Life Team Captains

You have been summoned for an urgent mission.

You are the leaders of Extra Life – the visionaries, the dedicated, the doers- and the future of Extra Life and kids’ health depends on YOU.

YOUR MISSION: accept the Team Captain Recruitment Challenge, brainstorm your networks, and rally your people to join your Extra Life team.

YOUR TARGET: recruit 7 new team members to your team by Game Day

YOUR REWARD: if you recruit 7 new team members between August 25 and September 25 and have signed the pledge form, you will unlock a $100 USD donation to your personal fundraising page. Additionally, for every new team member added to your team between August 25 and September 25, they will receive a $10 USD donation to kickstart their fundraising and contribute to the overall team fundraising goal.

For every 10 people you ask, 1 will say yes.

It takes a team to change kids’ health to change the future, who will be your 7 in 70?

Pledge form:

Have questions? We’ve got answers! More information and FAQ can be found HERE: