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Community Spotlight: Tabletop Weekend 2024

We are less than one week away from Tabletop Weekend! Knowing that, we wanted to highlight some of the Extra Lifers that are hosting events during Tabletop Weekend! If you are in their area or if they are streaming, be sure to check them out!

Returning again to support Extra Life, Tabletop Live Network (TLN) is hosting tabletop streams all weekend! They are starting the weekend on the TLN Twitch channel Thursday evening with a Kickoff Party! Then you can find their community members streaming Saturday and Sunday 10 AM to 10 PM PT!

The Extra Life Sacramento Guild is partnering with Hobby Quest in Roseville (8932 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove, CA) for the shop’s Kids Helping Kids events! If you are in the Sacramento area, swing through to hangout and help kids in the Sacramento area! There will be many other crafts and games aside from the list below!

  • Saturday, April 13th
    • Warhammer Raffle – $3 per ticket
    • Cardfight! Vanguard Raffle – $3 per ticket
    • Magic: The Gathering Raffle – $3 per ticket
  • Sunday, April 14th
    • Board Game Silent Auction – Starting at $20 per game
    • Poster Sale – $5 per poster
    • Kids helping kids Pokémon Day – 12:30pm – 4:30pm PDT
    • Pokémon Card Game Play – $5 Entry
    • Bingo – $5 Entry
    • Raffle – $3.00 per ticket

In the spirit of Tabletop Weekend, SpazoidBunny will be doing a 12-hour live stream drawing Extra Life donors’ TTRPG Characters. So, if you’ve ever wanted to flex that your character was drawn by an animator who worked on several shows for a certain famous mouse, here’s your chance. You can reserve your character art on SpazoidBunny’s Extra Life page and watch them bring them to life on April 13th on their Twitch channel.

Speaking of having characters drawn for a D&D game, Aimi Ikari did exactly that in preparation for her Tabletop Weekend D&D Oneshot: The Eroot Nightmare! From tomorrow, 4/5 through 4/19 you can donate to get stickers of all the characters! Join Aimi, SpazoidBunny and friends (including a certain Extra Life community manager) on Aimi Ikari’s Twitch channel and donate to help or hinder their antics!

Join the adventurers from Bostonia! They’ll be playing a one-shot live and all donations affect the outcome of the game! You can choose to assist the party in accomplishing their goals, or hinder them and make their (fictional) lives harder… They don’t mind either one because it costs more to hinder which means more support for Boston Children’s Hospital! They will be playing a brand new TTRPG system called Daggerheart, created by Darrington Press and Critical Role! Watch the action and donate for some chaos Saturday, April 13th, at 1pm EDT. Find all the details on the stream, donation incentives, and even Wild West Dan’s High-Altitude Dice Roll on his Extra Life page!

If you are in the Minneapolis area, join the Extra Life Nerds team at Fulton Taproom (414 6th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN) for some tabletop games and a good time! They will be hosting their event on April 13th and 14th from 1pm to 5pm CDT. For more info visit,

Looking to watch more TTRPG streams? Check out ParadiseCityGirl’s Tabletop Appreciate Oneshot! You can donate to affect the players on their quest to help their friend. You can choose to help or hinder them on their adventures!

You can also join #TeamBigBite for their Tabletop Block Party! We’re sure it will be a fun time so check it out!

These are just a few of the Extra Lifers supporting their local CMN member hospital while celebrating Tabletop Games throughout April 12th-14th! Make sure you’re on the lookout for Tabletop Extra Lifers in your area to support. Or even better support Extra Life April 12th-30th as a Platinum Participant by raising $100 to unlock the Extra Life Glass D20 from Norse Foundry! Needs some fundraising or Tabletop Weekend tips? Check out this blog post to get info on how to get started fundraising through playing Tabletop Games (no streaming required)!