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Celebrating Nurses Week | Across North America People Honor Frontline Workers

Nurses Week runs from May 6-12, 2020. As the battle against COVID-19 continues, the nurses who go out to work every day to save lives haven’t faltered. Their dedication to keeping all of us alive hasn’t gone unnoticed. Since the global pandemic began, millions of people across the world are finding ways to honor and celebrate the people putting themselves in harm’s way. As Nurses Week kicks off with National Nurses Appreciation Day, we wanted to highlight what people are doing to creatively support nurses in their communities.

“Good Night Light” Shows

First responders in Providence, RI decided to do something beautiful for nurses, frontline staff and patients at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. As the #GoodNightLIghtPVD hashtag began to catch on in Rhode Island, people sprung into action to create a twinkling spectacle of encouragement. Lights and sirens on police cars and fire trucks led the celebration, but others joined in simply flashing their own lights on their personal cars.  Some hospital staff came outside for a moment to enjoy the show.

Panda Express Feeds Healthcare Workers

Panda Express has been remarkably generous to ensure that frontline workers are well-fed and feel supported. Thousands of meals have been donated to the medical teams at various Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals including Cohen Children’s (NY),  St. Rose Dominican (NV), Beaumont Children’s & Hurley Children’s Hospital (both in MI).

Air National Guard Fly Overs

Recently, the South Carolina Air National Guard organized fly overs at various McLeod Health hospitals called “Operation American Resolve.” This included McLeod Children’s Hospital located at McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence, SC. The bold display was meant to bring encouragement to everyone in the hospitals, and proved to be particularly inspiring to the nurses and staff present.

Donate PPE at Staples

Have any unopened PPE in your possession that you’d like to donate to nurses and other staff at your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital? You can support your community’s nurses by dropping your new personal protective equipment like N95 respirator face masks, disposable face masks, face-shield, eye protective wear, isolation or surgical gowns at your local Staples store.

Car Parades

The residents of Schodack, New York decided to rollout and visit several hospitals in the area with a parade of cars. The group, over 30 members strong, was led by vehicles from the Albany Police Department and the Albany Fire Department. The cars drove by three hospitals, including CMN Hospital Bernard & Millie Duker Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center with signs of support, honking horns, and the occasional siren salute. We’ve seen this incredible display of support at other hospitals across our network in recent weeks.

Speedway Keeps Staff Fed and Safe

Speedway has been an incredible partner for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, in fact they’ve raised over $121 million #ForTheKids since 1991. We were blown away to hear that Speedway wanted to partner with 11 of our hospitals to donate 10,000 masks to each hospital! In addition to helping to keep medical workers safe, they also helped keep them fed. They donated 3,500 snacks and drinks to Beaumont Hospital, the children’s hospital serving Detroit’s kids. Check out this video from Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami to see 10,000 N95 and and surgical masks delivered to the nurses and doctors.

Howling Support

One of the most unique ways we found people supporting their local frontline workers comes out of Mill Valley, California. The residents of Mill Valley decided that they would collectively howl at 8pm every night as a way of showing healthcare providers, and one another, that they aren’t alone. In recordings of the Mill Valley howl, you can even hear dogs and actual coyotes join in. Some residents of the town even say that the howling is the only thing that helps them get through the day.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!