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Covid couldn’t stop The Gorey Gang from fundraising for kids in need!

This post was written by 11-year Extra Lifer Shawn Gorey playing for University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital through You can learn more about Extra Life at

To celebrate my 10th year fundraising for sick and injured kids in the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through Extra Life, I created an event called Project G.G. (Good Game/Gorey Gang/Gaming for Good)

It was going to be a free public 24-hour Charity Gaming Marathon and LAN Party.

Then Covid happened.

Once lockdown restrictions were lifted and local businesses were able to have small gatherings again, I changed the public event into a private one.

The whole idea of this event was to get the word out about Extra Life, to raise even more life-saving donations for kids in need, and to just celebrate. The trick was making sure that we were as safe as possible without putting ourselves at risk in the process.

We limited attendance, social distanced, had sanitized Gaming Stations before our arrival and after we left, temperatures were taken and recorded with a touchless forehead thermometer, masks were mandatory, ear-savers were provided, and we all had a personal supply of hand sanitizer. Food, drinks, and utensils were individually packaged and prepared. And many of us self-isolated for 2 weeks before and after Game Day. We were as Covid-compliant as possible.

Saturday before Game Day officially started, we had raised about $6,900.

I am incredibly proud to say that The Gorey Gang has raised $8,993.52 in 2020!!!

I am beyond grateful to be on a team with such a passionate group of gamers. Some of which, I have known since elementary school and others I had only met for the first time that day.

Huge thank you to all the members of The Gorey Gang, to all of you who donated and gave your support, Rick Lang of Philandripy for sponsoring us with fuel, Donte’s Restaurant & Pizza Shop for sponsoring us with food, and Top Level Gaming for sponsoring us with the facility.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games! Have a story you want to tell? Please share it with us: