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Exciting Things Coming up in Gaming

A recent study from Oxford University has revealed that playing games seem to improve mental wellbeing. One of the first studies on the psychological effects of gaming to use actual play-time data as a core component of its analysis, it seems to be blazing new trails when it comes to studying the effects of games.

In the spirit of improving your wellbeing, let’s take a look at how gaming is doing this month! With new consoles, Extra Life Game Day in the rear-view mirror, and Black Friday deals around the corner, November has been a huge month for gaming so far! Here are what you should keep an eye on as we roll into seasonal sales events.


With the launch of two new consoles onto the market, Nintendo might seem to be at a disadvantage – but that’s not the case. The gaming company’s flagship console, the Nintendo Switch, remains one of the most in-demand pieces of tech this holiday season. The pandemic turned it into one of the year’s must-have pieces of technology. Expect to see small price drops for consoles bundled with games and some decent discounts on games for the system, too. The big win, however, should be the console actually being available, something retailers have been struggling with for most of the year.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Given that new consoles typically haven’t been subject to holiday discounts, sales on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X probably aren’t in the works. However, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games, consoles, and accessories are sure to be some of the most sale-laden categories of the season. Keep an eye on PS4 Pros, VR accessories, Xbox One headsets, and moreover the next several weeks.

DXRacer Extra Life Chair (fundraising incentive that can be unlocked through the end of the year limited to availability)

If you want to go for one of the most absolutely amazing gifts this year, you should think about making a final push to raise over $5,000 for Extra Life. Doing so will earn you a limited-run gaming chair created by DXRacer for Extra Life. The custom chair features a unique pattern and coloring to show off your incredible commitment to the kids. With only 200 chairs available, they have been going fast since their announcement, so hit the fundraising trail hard before the end of the year to make sure you can get yours!

Gaming Holiday Sweaters

Holiday sweaters have become all the rage in recent years. So much so that “ugly sweater” events have become a staple of the season. While social events might be off the table this year, there are still plenty of reasons to geek out over sweaters. Some look genuinely great, others are unabashedly loud, and a few might be niche enough to cater to all but a handful of people. Clothing tends to be one of the most discounted categories during Black Friday and holiday sales, so be sure to keep sweaters in mind when you go looking for that perfect nerd-friendly gift for the holidays.

Don’t forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!