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Extra Life Gamers Raised More than $7,500 for Valley Children’s on Game Day

During the annual 2021 Game Day weekend, November 5-8, gamers from around the world united together to raise money to heal kids. Extra Life, a program of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, challenged gamers to play games for 24 hours straight while raising funds for their local children’s hospital.

Valley Children’s Hospital is extremely proud to announce that local gamers raised $7,806.55!

We would like to give special recognition to players that raised $250, $500, & $1,000.

Please give a round of applause for:

More than $1,000 raised: Name Handle:
$1,225 Marcelo Alves – Rogue Squadron


$1,026 Spencer Smith – All You Can Eat Gaming


More than $500 raised:    
$915 Justin Tonooka – All You Can Eat Gaming


$506.55 jLUNAtic88 – Team SNEAK


More than $250 raised    
 $450 Skyler Walker – All You Can Eat Gaming
$402 Jennifer Ward – Crazy Squirrels
$375 TBOG – Tomb Raider Community N/A
$346 Jeremy Lomeli – All You Can Eat Gaming


$250 Kisty Nocturn – The Central Valley For the Kids



Congratulations, gamers!

We would also like to highlight All You Can Eat Gaming as the first place team, Crazy Squirrel for hosting a safe in-person event, Gamer Advantage for their local sponsorship and Jason Luna for hosting all of our gamers on our Extra Life Fresno Twitch channel.

Thank you again to all those who participated and donated.