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Extra Life hits the $30,000 mark!

We did it!!! We survived Game Day!  Thank you to all who participated and your amazing efforts as well as giving up an extra hour of sleep!  Between streaming, gaming at home or joining us at Paradox Comics-N-Cards, we raised $30,682.  That’s incredible and doesn’t count the cash that was brought in on Game Day!  Thank you to our Extra Life supporters who helped us in our mission to impact children in your community!  Thank you to Sandy’s Donuts, Jimmy John’s, Dominos Pizza, Papa John’s Pizza, The Dude’s BBQ, and Cashwise Foods for feeding our gamers through the night.  A big thank you to our Extra Life Guild who made this all come to life and to the community of gamers who show up year after year!



A big thank you to our Celebrity Monopoly participants: Gunner Haznogunz, Mike Waters, Scotch Anderson, and the reigning Monopoly champion, Mr. J.J. Gordon Monopoly!  His hat is a “happy coincidence!”



While we need to take some time to celebrate our wins, may we always remember that there will be new patients with new needs coming in daily.  And even though Game Day is over, the work we do is never truly over.  Thank you for all that you do for the kids.  I am truly grateful not only as an employee of Sanford but as a patient’s mother of Sanford Children’s Hospital.  I cannot emphasize enough how big of a difference you are making in little local lives.


Katie Pipinich, Development Officer, 701-234-6931