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Extra Lifer Greg Sewart Fundraises Over $10,000 for Nova Scotia’s Kids

We never cease to be inspired by the generosity of gamers within the Extra Life community. Today, we wanted to take a moment to honor Greg Sewart from Nova Scotia, Canada. Greg has been supporting kids through the IWK Foundation in Halifax NS for years now, and he’s raised over $10,000 CAD to help heal Halifax’s kids!

Several years ago, Greg attended Extra Life United, the Orlando-based gaming tournament that connects passionate gamers to each other and deeper into the Extra Life cause. That experience ignited a fire of generosity in Greg and he has been a fiercely loyal supporter of the IWK Foundation ever since. For Greg, the issue of children’s health is personal. “I’m playing on behalf of my brother, Brad, who would have turned 38 this year. We lost him to leukemia in 1983, when he was just three years old. Over 30 years later, I see my parents and how they react to the simple mention of his name and realize that losing a child is something people just never really get over. I want to do what I can to make sure as few people as possible ever have to feel that pain and making sure the IWK has the funding it needs to operate to its fullest potential is one of the best possible ways to reduce the risk.”

Now a parent, Greg has seen all three of his children be born at IWK. When he plays games to heal kids, he feels deeply connected to both his brother Brad and his children.

Check out this video of IWK’s Champion Kid, Van and IWK’s Penny Sears surprising Greg with a cake to celebrate the moment when he received his 1,000th donation to support IWK. It makes us feel all the feels.

Want to help rally Greg’s donor count even higher? Why not donate to his page? Congrats Greg! You’re helping make miracles possible in Nova Scotia and we are so inspired by the work you do.

 Be sure to sign up for Extra Life to help heal kids in hospitals across North America.