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Extra Lifer’s Early 2020 Fundraising Strategy Results in $5,000+ Already Raised #ForTheKids

Last year, the Extra Life community rallied to raise over $15 million USD and we hope to raise even more in 2020! Ever wondered how that happens? While the cumulative annual fundraising total certainly sounds exciting, the reality is that achieving fundraising success only comes from a large group of gamers taking consistent and often unglamorous efforts week after week #ForTheKids. Recently, an Extra Lifer from California reached the $5,000 USD fundraising bench mark.

GlockN9ne (aka Steven Anderson) is a second year Extra Lifer who supports Valley Children’s Hospital, serving the families in Fresno and California’s Central Valley.

A week ago, he blew past the $5,000 USD milestone, so we reached out to learn more about Steven’s story and tactics.

Why is Extra Life a cause near and dear to your heart?

As someone that has dealt with having a child that has a health defect its something I can relate to with other parents that have children with more severe conditions and I know what goes on at these hospitals and what great work they do and where the donations go.

What’s your connection with your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital?

I am aware of the work that my local children’s hospital does and I am trying to do my part to supports the efforts in keeping the children in the Central Valley safe and healthy.

How have you already raised over $5,000 USD this year?!

To be honest I have no idea, I think my community understands my main goal in streaming is charity first over making money for myself and they get hyped about helping these kids like I do.

What plans do you have for the rest of this year for fundraising?

I have other giveaways and things planned for the rest of the year, first once this pandemic is over I gotta pay up and get the Extra Life logo tattooed on me for hitting $5,000 USD! When we started in January my goal was $2,000 USD total for the year and its June and we are at $5,400+ USD, so by the end of December I expect to be much MUCH higher.

In 2020, we thrilled to announce that the first 200 Platinum members to raise $5,000 USD for Extra Life will be mailed a free limited edition DXRacer + Extra Life Gaming Chair.

Check it out and keep up the consistent (and unglamorous) work. You may be the next person to reach that $5,000 USD Milestone!

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