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For Tori, my cousin and the little girl from Orange, Texas. #WhyIExtraLife

I Extra Life for TORI!

Victoria is the reason Extra Life was started and is my reason to participate in this cause. My life changed after Victoria was diagnosed, we are cousins and very close in age so her being sick was very hard for me to understand- then my life changed, even more, when we lost her.

For a very long time, I would try to volunteer at hospitals or be involved in other ways to help kids and I just couldn’t bring back memories of her being in the hospital. Now with Extra Life, I enjoy participating, we are playing games, putting a smile on children’s faces and players faces, and most of all we are raising money and awareness so that one day someone’s life doesn’t have to change because of a nasty disease!

This post was submitted through Extra Life’s Why I Extra Life by Extra Lifer Shelly Magoulas playing for Texas Children’s Hospital. You can learn more about Extra Life at