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Friendly Local Game Store Spotlight: Diversions Puzzles and Games

One of the strongest partners an Extra Life team can make in the community are their friendly local game stores (FLGS). In the Portland area we are lucky enough to have several stores who have come on board to help raise money for The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital through the Extra Life program. One of those stores is Diversions Puzzles and Games in South Portland. Two years ago the store manager was approached for a prize donation for an event raffle. This was the beginning of a great partnership. Since that day Diversions has been an active voice in our local Extra Life efforts. They have hosted several events, donated proceeds, donated games and helped to spread the word about local team events. They have even started to ask us to attend their events in hopes of getting new people involved. Building strong relationships within the community is key to Extra Life’s success. Diversions has become a part of that success, and we would like to thank them once again for everything they’ve done for the kids (#FTK).

The next Diversions event will be their 2nd annual Used Board Game Sale, held on October 13th. Extra Life team, Chits and Bits will be on hand selling raffle tickets, T-Shirts, and other fun swag. Come by, donate, play a couple games, learn more about Extra Life and thank the friendly staff for all their help.