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Gamin’ 4 Aven Sets CHF Extra Life over $40K for 2019

2019 marks the fourth year that gamer Ryan Ritter has PLAYed GAMES to SAVE LIVES for Children’s Hospital Foundation. Even though Ritter is a Texas resident he chooses to play for CHF as a dedication to Aven, a family friend that lost his battle with leukemia at the age of two at our local Children’s Hospital. “I play in honor of Aven in hopes that we can defeat pediatric cancer and no family will ever have to experience such pain again.”

In October the 6th Annual Game HQ event took place lead by Amber Hanneken. The event raised $10,441.26. Ryan’s mission has been to defeat Game HQ and steal the title as Extra Life for CHF’s top contributor. With just a few days, left of the year Ritter is sitting at $10,176.67.

Ryan’s dedication has led him to three 24-hour streaming events on Twitch, which then led to all kinds of antics to raise money for cancer research. He was forced to play video games with oven mitts, wear kaleidoscope glasses, take shots, and the worst was having his chest waxed live on air by his wife, who seemed all too happy to assist! He obtained matching funds from Motorola and DuPont for a portion of his fundraising.

Ryan’s Gamin’ 4 Aven fundraising has helped increase Extra Life for Children’s Hospital Foundation’s numbers to a new all-time high of over $40,000 in a year! Thank you Ryan Ritter and all of your viewers for your dedication to helping us end pediatric cancer!

To check out our REAL LIFE HERO Ryan Ritter’s donation page or join Extra Life go to today!