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“Milk gets me sick”

This post was written by Extra Lifer Brandon Rivera playing for Baystate Children’s Hospital through You can learn more about Extra Life at

“Miss Jane*! I drink the wrong milk!”

Those were the words that sent us, once more, to Baystate Children’s Hospital on March 2nd.

My name is Brandon. My wife, Melissa, and I have a 4-year-old daughter with four food allergies. Three of which will send her right into anaphylaxis. Her name is Penelope. Although Penelope is 4-years-old, she understands that certain foods are off-limits. “Milk makes me sick. I have allergies. Milk, eggs, and peanut butter!”

This episode was emergent and required her to be observed overnight. Once admitted we were greeted by a friendly face — Nurse Casey* has known us for all of Penny’s life. She has seen Penny through surgeries, sickness, and this time – an allergic reaction.


*Names were changed

We are so grateful for the responsiveness of Baystate Children’s Hospital. Their quick actions saved our daughter’s life. Their attentiveness to her needs made this situation more comfortable for her.

Thank you Baystate Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!

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