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Playing games at home for kids at Penn State Children’s Hospital

Every year our local community of Extra Life gamers plays games to raise money for Penn State Children’s Hospital. Now that kids and families are staying home, our gamers made a list of their favorite games to play with kids at home ( Some are even educational).

  • Itch IO is giving away many small games for free right now. They have a collection of games from developers who are offering special discounts to do what they can to help. These games range from silly to scientific, kids can even build their own International Space station!

  • Toddler Approved Escape the Volcano
    • This game is a fun DIY game that helps kids learn color recognition, shape names, counting, singing, gross motor skills, using a full sentence, answering simple questions, and following directions.

  • Minecraft
    • This is already a kid favorite but there are lots of free education content including exploring the international space station.

  • Pokemon
    • This ever-popular card game is a great offline option for parents wanting to limit screen time. Their website now has lots of fun free activities including printables. Playing teaches great social skills like taking turns, and of course, how to catch ’em all.

    • STEAM is an online Game hub for buying games. Right now several of these are FREE to play. This service requires downloads.

  • Jackbox
    • Jackbox Games are available on a wide variety of digital platforms. You can purchase and download our games anywhere from an Xbox One to your Apple TV. Once you’ve bought one of their games, it’s yours to own and play as much as you want. These games are for anywhere from 1-8 players.

Turn your family game night into a fundraiser for kids in your community. During the coronavirus pandemic, the reality is: Kids Can’t Wait… for a cure, for the curve to flatten or for an economic  Our community needs Penn State Children’s Hospital now, more than ever. Sign up at

Let us know in the comments what are your favorite games?