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Seattle Children’s Needs Gaming Heroes Like YOU! Become an Extra Lifer Today

Children’s hospitals like Seattle Children’s are on the frontlines when it comes to protecting the health of future generations. But we can’t do it alone. That’s where you come in. As a gaming hero for kids treated at Seattle Children’s you’re helping change kids’ health and change the future.

Extra Life Game Day is back for its 13th year! Thousands of participants along with partners, influencers and celebrities raise funds for their local children’s hospital each year through Extra Life. In 2021, Game Day will happen on November 6, with fundraising streams and activations taking place through the end of the year.

So, are you in? Getting started is easy! Register at then fundraise however best works for you! Here are a few ideas:

Kids can’t wait for the pandemic to end to get the care they need. They need help now. Recent rises in hospitalizations and COVID-19 cases are greatly reducing the ability of children’s hospitals like ours to provide care for the kids they serve. On top of needing care relative to the pandemic, everyday life happens with broken bones, other respiratory illnesses, long-term patient care for kids with cancer or transplants and the moments in between.

We need your help now more than ever. Will you join us?