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The Extra Life Chicago Guild Continues to Celebrate Pride!

The Extra Life Chicago Guild is gearing up to host their annual Pride Twitch Stream Parade to celebrate Pride Month and highlight LGBTQIA+ streamers! This year marks the fourth for the online event that started in 2021! For more info on the history of the Extra Life Chicago Guild’s Pride Twitch Stream Parade, click here.

This year the CMN Hospitals LGBTQIA2S+ Employee Resource group (internally called a Flight Crew) awarded the 2024 Rainbow Award to the Extra Life Chicago Guild! They received this award because of their commitment to fierce advocacy and cultivating safe spaces both virtually and in-person for local LGBTQ+ gamers and allies!

The Chicago Guild has hosted workshops for new and veteran Extra Lifers about many things like how to make graphics for streams, how to make your event Extra Life related, and more. But they also have hosted workshops around accessibility, how to make you stream a safe space, how to enable captions on your stream, and how to make your stream more inclusive. They recognize that not everyone is fortunate to have a good group of moderators, so they will even volunteer to moderate for some of their streamers without mods. This allows people of marginalized communities to host their Extra Life stream without having to stress about moderating their stream at the same time.

While this event was started during the pandemic and in-person Pride parades have returned, the Chicago Guild wants to continue doing the Pride Twitch Stream Parade because it is more accessible for some people. In-person events may be inaccessible for a variety of reason, so the Chicago Guild plans to continue to host the stream parade. This offers members of the LGBTQ+ community a supportive environment to celebrate their identity and stream for Extra Life!

Plans for the 2024 Pride Twitch Stream Parade are still in the works but stay tuned to Extra Life Chicago Guild’s socials for details! But, the stream parade will be on June 29th, 2024, so save the date!